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~Speed Zone~ For Your Little Guys on the Go

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Uploaded 1st Jan 2009 at 8:36 PM · Updated 8th May 2009 at 1:42 PM by Echo

No more drab little bedrooms for your pint-sized Sim racers! Now there's Speed Zone!!

Inspired by my 6-year-old's Monaco Grand Prix bedroom, this race themed room set includes:

-Animated traffic and train signal wall decor (not lights)
-Old gas pump floor light and safety cone light strand
-Large wall decal and huge toy car

-Checkered bedding and Seasons Vroom "Speedway" lamp
-2 rugs from Pets ("Organically Atomic" and "Planetoid Explorer")
-Base game toy box
-2 of the old gas pump light
-2 of the huge toy car
-4 of the large wall decal


Polygon Counts:
Old Gas Pump Floor Light - 744
Safety Cone Light Strand - 613
Toy Car - 354
Traffic Signal - 272
Train Signal - 432
Wall Decal - 60

Custom Content by Me:
- Wall Decal Recolor 4
- Bedding Recolor
- Old Gas Pump Floor Light
- Old Gas Pump Floor Light Recolor 1
- Old Gas Pump Floor Light Recolor 2
- Pets Rug Recolor 1
- Pets Rug Recolor 2
- Safety Cone Light Strand
- Toy Box Recolor 1
- Toy Car
- Toy Car Recolor 1
- Toy Car Recolor 2
- Traffic Signal
- Train Signal
- Seasons Trophy Lamp Recolor 1
- Wall Decal
- Wall Decal Recolor 1
- Wall Decal Recolor 2
- Wall Decal Recolor 3

Additional Credits:
Everyone who contributes to the Creators' forums--couldn't do nuttin' without y'all! Numenor, Quaxi, Delphy, know the drill.

On this particular set, huge thanks go to Maylin for helping me figure out my issue with normals. Also to Inge Jones and J.M. Pescado (who IS more awesome than me) for attempting to answer my question about turning the signals into actual lights. I just may try to do that in the future still, so your efforts are not in vain. Also to SIMale for the Simlish font used on the train signal and gas pump. Thank you all so much!

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