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  • Lasagne

    by -NYX- 23rd Apr 2007 at 2:03am

    Hi Everyone! I am back with a new Sim food ....Lasagne! more...

    115 245.4k 298

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Eggs Benedict - Animated

    by -NYX- 24th Mar 2007 at 8:42pm

    Now your sims can have Eggs Benedict for breakfast! more...

    62 169.3k 198

    Miscellaneous » Foods » EP Ready

  • Burkina Bedroom

    by -NYX- 14th Feb 2007 at 3:00am , updated 19th Feb 2007 at 1:42am

    Hi After several delays I have finally completed this bedroom set to match my Swahili armoire. more...

    12 23.9k 17

    By Room » Bedroom » Other objects

  • Burkina Rug Range Update-Non NL Version added

    by -NYX- 14th Feb 2007 at 1:00am

    Hi everyone! more...

    11 15.1k 10

    By Function » Decorative » Rugs

  • Christmas in Africa

    by -NYX- 18th Nov 2006 at 10:41pm

    I was working on something completely different when I saw these Christmas decorations and decided to make them for my more...

  • Modern Africa

    by -NYX- 7th Nov 2006 at 11:49pm

    Hi there! more...

    20 34.7k 22

    By Room » Living

  • Malawi Rug

    by -NYX- 7th Nov 2006 at 11:00pm

    This rug was created for my "Modern African" set, but since the rug requires Nightlife and the other objects don't, more...

    +1 packs 4 10.7k 10

    By Function » Decorative » Rugs

  • "Swahili" End Table

    by -NYX- 30th Oct 2006 at 9:38pm

    The end table is next in my range of African style "Swahili" items and this time I have recolors too! more...

    6 11.2k 7

    By Function » Surfaces » End Tables

  • "Swahili" Armoire

    by -NYX- 29th Oct 2006 at 5:52pm

    Hi everyone! more...

    10 13.7k 16

    By Function » Miscellaneous » Dressers

  • "Swahili" Vase

    by -NYX- 29th Oct 2006 at 4:05pm

    Hi I decided to make a few objects with an African theme and found some wonderful images more...

  • Bianca Dining Suite

    by -NYX- 23rd Oct 2006 at 12:13am

    Hey all! more...

    6 8.5k 3

    By Room » Dining