Willow River Sports Complex

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Part 3 of my Willow River Project.
Get Part 1 and notes on the project here.
Get Part 2 here.

On the grounds of the complex a two-story field house with an "announcer's booth" overlooks a full-sized soccer field. The ground floor houses restrooms convenient to the stunning indoor-outdoor swimming pool. Tucked behind the field house is an obstacle course. A cattail-lined canal winds its way from the pool through the property, ending in a serene lily pond with waterfall and splashing fountain. The fountain is the centerpiece of a charming outdoor café; Mediterranean in style, it balances rather than clashes with the modern aspect of the gymnasium.

Entering the gym itself you will find yourself in a magnificent two-story lobby anchored by a glass elevator. The lobby contains a refreshment area where patrons can grab a nectar, espresso or an ice-cold soda. A small boutique is handy for purchasing the latest fashions in athletic wear. Overlooking the lobby is the aerobics area, available for ballet, kickboxing, yoga or jumping rope.

Continue past the pool access and you will come to the basketball court and men's and women's locker rooms. Take the elevator or stairs to the second level for a selection of fitness machines or change up your workout by skating on the indoor roller rink. The upper story view is spectacular and sure to take your mind off the pain of exercising!

Full disclosure: this lot is just about at the limit of what my computer will handle. The camera drags a little bit, there's a noticeable lag at sunrise and sunset, the animation is maybe just a taaaaad slow and if a witch shows up, forget it! This lot is so much fun it's worth it. Since Free Time came out I have been dying to make a lot with every bit of body-related stuff jammed into it and I don't think I have left anything out.

I haven't played this lot with a hacked restaurant podium yet because it contains the only thing more attractive to a townie than a restaurant and that is the treadmill. I have Sims that make 15K a day just by throwing a couple treadmills and a pool table into the back yard. If anyone knows of a hack that evens out the attraction of the various workout machines, please drop me a line. Townies and unselected Sims will also use the ballet barre and swim. They like to sit around the lobby and chat. You can always invite someone into a game of soccer or basketball. Yes, the dressing room works at an angle.. a surprising number of things do.

Several Maxis recolors apparently did not pack up with the lot and are included with the .rar file for your convenience:
Tempest Cooktop from Cuas brown recolor by Penguindude @ MTS2
EZ Evac Inc.'s "Brick House" Restroom Door transparent recolor by pfish @ MTS2
Florid Font waterfall fountain invisible recolor by pfish @ MTS2

The following items by Sandy @ AroundTheSims2 are not included with the lot and may be downloaded here.
Rugby Ball
Soccer Ball
Flippers & Scuba

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: $259,369

Custom Content Included:
- Lockerroom Bench by thefuzmixman @ MTS2
- Lockerroom Bench Large by thefuzmixman @ MTS2
- Verkaufstheke-Kunst-21o6o6 (commercial counter) by Phelana @ Meshkiste
- Smaller Roll-O-Rama Rink by Natalya_Sh @ MTS2
- New Lockers by earendil @ MTS2
- New Lockers recolor by earendil @ MTS2
- Retro Lounge Chair by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Deco02 by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Deco03 by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge DecoColumn by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Large Table by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Large Table recolor by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Reception Restaurant Podium by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Small Table by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Retro Lounge Small Table recolor by Funny2401 @ Pimp-My-Sims
- Seamless WallWindow Column by Numenor @ MTS2
- Deceptico Plano Glass Invisible Wall Mirror by pfish @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" single door by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" double window diagonal by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" double door by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" double window by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" 2 story quad window by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" wide door by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" white recolor by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" Single window (Repository master for all Malibu Glass items) by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Malibu Glass" triple window by Jimbo64 @ MTS2
- "Astagan" Glass Fence by Ulmille @ MTS2
- "Astagan" Modern Fence by Ulmille @ MTS2
- "Autra" Fence by Ulmille @ MTS2
- Fickle Fern by buggybooz @ MTS2
- Manor House Climbing Ivy by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Road Tree by khakidoo @ MTS2
- Monsoon Border A by Mounes999 @ Mounes Neighbourhood
- "Astagan" Glass Roof With Handle by Ulmille @ MTS2
- Tiles "Dark Flower" floor by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- JonesiTransparentTile by Jonesi @ MTS2
- MarmorFloor 12 by MissPiggi @ MTS2
- The Glass Elevator by macarossi @ MTS2
- Kleiderständer "simland mall" clothingrack1 by olemantiker @ Male-Order Bride
- Kleiderständer "simland mall" clothingrack2 by olemantiker @ Male-Order Bride
- niedriger Zaun "simland mall" fence low by olemantiker @ Male-Order Bride
- Magazine Rack "simland mall" by olemantiker @ Male-Order Bride
- Drink Dispenser by Exnem & Numenor @ MTS2
- OFB Ceiling Spotlight Black by Ailias @ MTS2
- "Independent Expression Set" - Double Arch by MaryLou @ MTS2
- Lamellen "factory" blinds by olemantiker @ Male-Order Bride
- Holy Smokes Recolorable Stairs by Numenor @ MTS2
- Holy Smokes Recolorable Stairs recolor by Numenor @ MTS2
- MarmorWall 12 by MissPiggi @ MTS2
- Tiles "Dark Flower" Wall05 by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- Tiles "Dark Flower" Wall06 by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- Tiles "Dark Flower" Wall07 by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- Panel "Springwood" Igen Wall6c by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- Tiles "Dark Flower" Wall04 by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- Panel "Springwood" Igen Wall6b by Margierytka @ Sims2Design
- Panel "Springwood" Igen Wall6d by Margierytka @ Sims2Design

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to Margierytka for taking the time to make her Dark Flower tile set available. Dark Flower and the Igen panel walls really set the tone for the whole project and I could not have begun to reach my vision without her generosity.