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Willow River Plaza

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Uploaded: 5th Jan 2009 at 2:25 AM
Updated: 18th Apr 2009 at 5:27 PM - comply with ATS terms of use
Part 1 of my Willow River Project...

or as I also call it, the huge tracts of land project. This originally came out of a desire to fill up some of the large chunks of real estate in Riverblossom Hills and ballooned into another out-of-control building fit. From right to left, parts 1, 2, and 3 are shown in the neighborhood shot: Willow River Plaza, Willow River Amusement Park, and Willow River Sports Complex. Coming soon, a toy store and two apartment buildings, one of which I promise will be CC-free. I haven't decided what to do with the upper left corner, yet. Perhaps a bowling alley. They will all sort of look as if they connect if you lay them out in the same order. Off to the left there, you can see the flat-roofed versions of O'Mackey's Electronic Emporium and Riverside Clinic and Spa before I prettied them up for upload. Now, on to the plaza itself...

This turned out as a quaint multi-use suburban shopping strip. It contains a really nice boutique, a restaurant, a bar and a game room. There is a little garden set up for outdoor weddings for when those dream dates turn out reeeaally well and a playground for the kiddies to have fun while their parents are pursuing grown-up activities.

The lot features a recolor of the maxis Tempest Cooktop from Cuas by Penguindude @ MTS2 . It did not seem to package with the lot so I included it in the .rar file for your convenience.

Custom Content Recommended But Not Required:

I play my personal lot with three modded objects that are not included. You do not need these to enjoy the lot but I will tell you about them so you can decide.

the Job Seeking Noticeboard by MogHughson @ MTS2
I love this because I have all the EPs and it would now take forever for my Sims to find a job. I don't even consider this a cheat because Maxis should have included one when they added all the careers, and your Sims do have to make the effort to go down to the plaza or community center or where ever you put it to sign up.

the Functional Beer Keg by SparkleSim @ MTS2
Okay, this is a cheat because it messes with their motive bars but it's so much fun and so appropriate for the setting that I can't resist.

the HotelPodium @ Simlogical
This doesn't have anything to do with hotels. It is an alternate restaurant podium. It keeps every townie and unselected Sim from rushing straight to the restaurant when they enter the lot unless they are hungry. This helps your playable Sim who may enter needing social which is unavailable from dining townies. It also has the effect of spreading the Sims throughout the lot. It's big enough as it is; they don't need to be bunched up in a corner. If you use this you can get some mad poker games going. I didn't have this in the lot when it was packaged so you would have to place it yourself.

Custom Content Required But Not Included:

If you've been following my work (yeah, right) you know I try to limit the CC to things that can be included but I'm hopelessly addicted to 4esf and Sims2Play. Well, if you'd downloaded everything in sight the last time I sent you over there, you wouldn't have to go back now, would you?

Other8 Fashion Shop (whole set) @ 4eversimfantasy
Dining6 Full Wall Panels A,B @ 4eversimfantasy
Bedroom6 Wood Panel @ 4eversimfantasy
Square Painting #15 and recolors by Shoukier @ Sims2Play
"California" cabinet, kitchen table, sideboard by Shoukier @ Sims2Play

Also pick up a couple things at VitaSims. Their site can be a little hard to navigate. The Victorian Garden Set is on Objects pg. 74.
Victorian Garden fountain, park bench by JS & Simbuilder & blondmermaid @ VitaSims

Last, please get the groom's suit display by Sandy @ AroundTheSims2

Lot Size: 4x5
Lot Price: $219,136

Custom Content Included:
- Wooden Stairs - Recolorable by Numenor @ MTS2
- Highest Intensity Halogen Wall Lighting by blake_boy @ MTS2
- Garden Planter Hexagonal by Macarossi @ MTS2
- 3Tile Lafenetre Arched Top Window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Manor House Garden Mid-Size Hedge by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Manor House Garden Ball Topiary by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Manor House Garden Oval Topiary by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Phelana - floorrug 4x4 by Phelana @ Meshkiste
- Large Flower Centerpiece by Numenor @ MTS2
- Wooden Stairs - Recolorable recolor by Numenor @ MTS2
- The Armani by Ergo by Zeroth @ MTS2
- Manor House Garden Monolith Hedge by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Edge Smoother By Ailias White by Ailias @ MTS2
- Monsoon Border A by Mounes @ Mounes Neighboorhood
- Scarborough Collection, Parsley Short Cabinet by RGiles @ MTS2
- Scarborough Collection, Parsley Cabinet by RGiles @ MTS2
- Scarborough Collection, Rosemary Cabinet by RGiles @ MTS2
- Scarborough Collection, Sage Cabinet by RGiles @ MTS2
- Scarborough Collection, Rosemary Counter by RGiles @ MTS2
- Scarborough Collection, Sage Counter by RGiles @ MTS2
- Scarborough Collection, Thyme Counter by RGiles @ MTS2
- Wooden Stairs - Recolorable by Numenor @ MTS2
- Phoenix canariensis (2 m) by alex_stanton1983 @ MTS2
- Cleome by macarossi @ MTS2
- Phelana - floorrug 4x4 recolor by Bines Sims Revue
- Eclectic Expressions Window by macarossi @ MTS2
- Vincas recolor by macarossi @ MTS2
- Atomic Age Chess Table by MsBarrows @ MTS2
- John's Really Big Tree by Nengi65 @ Sims Crossing
- Lisa's Tree by Nengi65 @ Sims Crossing
- Manor House Garden Tall Tower Topiary by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Chez Moi Task Chair recolor by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- Eclectic Expressions Door by macarossi @ MTS2
- Chez Moi Task Chair by phoenix_phaerie @ MTS2
- 4ESF Other5 Plantpot by 4eversimfantasy
- 4ESF Outdoor3 (4) Palm by 4eversimfantasy
- Suza Landscape Pedestalround by Suza @ Simply Styling
- Trillium by macarossi @ MTS2
- Vincas by macarossi @ MTS2
- Wall 04 by Szabolon @ MTS2
- BasicPaint-GreenDark by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2
- BasicPaint-GreenLight by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2