Blood Omen2 - KAIN inspired outfit

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2009 at 8:18 PM
Updated: 21st Aug 2013 at 11:07 AM

OBS!! This is my very First creation! Made 4 years ago when I tried sims 2 for the first time.
I ended up deleting the game and didn't install/play it again until some months ago.
now I'm trying to be more active and I'm going to have fun playing/exploring sims 2 for a while.
specially creating stuff as that is the most fun part so I hope you will enjoy my creations.
Kind Regards MayonakaKisu

Here is my attempt on creating Kain's outfit (from Blood Omen2). My favorite outfit in the game)
I know it doesn't look exactly the same....but its a BO2-Kain inspired outfit!
it was rather hard to make it look-a-like and more hard to find a suitable mesh...but did my best on
that and finally I'm ready with it! All recolors are hand made by me (took me 2 days to do ^_^; hehe!!)

About the download!!!
you can chose either if u want the hole outfit or just a part:
bloodOmen-KAINa = the top
bloodOmen-KAINb = the bottom (with mesh)
bloodOmen-KAINc = the scarf (with mesh)
bloodOmen-KAIN = all files (with meshes)

MESHes are INCLUDED!!!!!!!
meshes are from :
pants : clubcirmsyn --->
scarf : SAU.-->

The sword (soul reaver) is not included
You can download it here -- under Accessory--page 5 --->

Hope u like it!!!

Additional Credits: