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Blood Omen 2 Outfits - Part VI

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Uploaded: 17th Sep 2013 at 4:31 PM
.....And the Legacy of Kain Continues.
Part Six of Blood Omen 2 Project

Chapter Six "The Nexus Stone" - Outfits Inspired by the Game BO2.

Yes! I'm actually posting a female outfit set! *YAY* my very fist one hope you Like them

Umah-01: Original outfit
One full outfit. I tried to keep it as close to the original I could. Plus - One cape and Leg-Gear accessory.
Umah-02: Alternative outfit.
One outfit and an Hat accessory. Designed by me. Based on the original outfit. simply added a coat-dress
to it & made it more (Lady) formal looking

Umah-03: Alternative outfit.
well..Fantasy Designed. Took inspiration from different pictures I've seen of Umah.dunno if I got it too match
her style. but hopefully you'll still like it

Plus I also added the face Paint I made for her

You need to DOWNLOAD the Clothing mesh -> HERE
and the Hat Mesh. it can be Downloaded HERE (at the top of the page).
All Other Meshes are INCLUDED

Additional Credits:Big Thanks to:
SussisSoGoodSims - for Clothing Mesh HERE
generalzoi - for the Cloak Mesh.
8Ksims - for the leg-accessory mesh.
Vitasims - for the hat accessory mesh.
obsessisim - for Hair mesh Here (recolor by Me)
Daislia for the Fantasy Mural/wallpaper.

Textures are HAND MADE/DRAWN By me - Photochop sc5 with Tablet.
outfit made in Sims 2 Bodyshop