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Mix & Match Eye Colors

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2009 at 10:18 PM
(i couldn't figure out how to make that extra box that says this mesh is required, if sum1 wants 2 help me out w/that, it would be greatly appreciated)


2.) For those who don't already know, the way these work is that you set the eye color to one of the eye colors from this download (like you would with any other downloaded eyes, where it makes them both the same color), then you go to the GLASSES tab, there you can find the options to make one of the eyes (it will be the eye on the right, the sim's left eye) a different color.

Alright, so, now that that's over, lol... ^_^;

This is a bit new compaired to the regular eye colors that i do.

Basically, there are 13 different colors (8 brighter colored ones and 5 more realistic colorings) and you can make your sim have any combination of the 13 different colors.

Darn...i just realized that in the picture of the brighter colored eyes, i forgot to put the green ones on there...and to change that would mean i would need to redo that entire picture...which is another half hour's worth of work...

i hope you all can forgive me, but there are other pictures of what the bright green eyes look like, there's just not going to be a picture where the sim has both eyes the bright green color...

but anyways...

i hope everyone enjoys them ^_^

if there are any comment, problems, questions, requests - as always, you are welcome (and encouraged) to let me know.



The skintone was downloaded from this site:

The hair was downloaded from this site: