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  • Modern Stars Set

    by OopsCarmen 7th Jan 2017 at 5:07pm

    8 modern outfits more...

    8 21.6k 53

    Female » Mixed Sets » Adult

  • Spooky Halloween Costume Bundle

    by OopsCarmen 29th Sep 2016 at 6:02pm

    Costumes and masks for both genders and all ages. more...

    +2 packs 31 29.4k 87

    Both Genders / Unisex » Everyday » Adult

  • Acne (3 shades)

    by OopsCarmen 10th Sep 2016 at 8:59pm

    Pimples and zits for your lovely Sim. more...

    10 9.8k 30

    Body Shop » Makeup » Special Effects

  • Hip Teen's UNDIES/SWIM/SLEEP Set (15 items)

    by OopsCarmen 16th Aug 2016 at 1:07pm

    Some bikinis, panties and night gowns for your teen Sim. more...

    +1 packs 13 37k 116

    Female » Mixed Sets » Teen

  • Cutie Girl's UNDIES/SWIM/SLEEP Set (12 items)

    by OopsCarmen 14th Aug 2016 at 5:55pm

    Set of undies, pjs and swimsuits for your girl (child) Sim. more...

    14 20.5k 67

    Female » Mixed Sets » Child

  • Fresh Swimsuit Set (8 items)

    by OopsCarmen 20th Jul 2016 at 9:59am

    Swimwear set that includes 6 bikinis/trikinis for the Sim pool or beach. more...

    22 27.7k 91

    Female » Swimwear » Adult

  • Lovely Eyeliner Set - 4 Styles

    by OopsCarmen 5th Jul 2016 at 9:48am

    Eyeliner set that includes 4 different styles for you to wear. more...

    16 35.1k 134

    Body Shop » Makeup » Eyeliner

  • Glowing Eyes: Set II (recolors)

    by OopsCarmen 11th Aug 2015 at 8:32am

    Beautiful glowy eyes for Sims 2. more...

    3 16.6k 22

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Marina & the Diamonds: Heart

    by OopsCarmen 10th Aug 2015 at 9:24pm

    Facial paint of a heart next to sims' eye more...

  • Freckles (mask)

    by OopsCarmen 10th Aug 2015 at 6:43pm

    Freckles for your sim! more...

  • Juicy Lips Set

    by OopsCarmen 6th Aug 2015 at 9:43am

    A set of juicy looking lipglossy looking lips! <3 more...

    10 12k 21

    Body Shop » Makeup » Lipstick

  • Sincere Eyes - Set

    by OopsCarmen 6th Aug 2015 at 8:45am

    A set of three eyes for your sims 2 game. :) more...

    7 11.1k 18

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • Glowing Skintone

    by OopsCarmen 31st Jan 2014 at 8:37pm

    a skintone in a light medium tone more...

    14 53k 85

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • "Twinkle" Eye Set

    by OopsCarmen 29th Jan 2014 at 10:04pm

    "Twinkle" Eye Set - a set of 3 eye colors for your sims. more...

    5 9.3k 24

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • "Glowing" Eye Set

    by OopsCarmen 29th Jan 2014 at 8:48pm

    three colors available more...

    10 12.4k 34

    Body Shop » Eyes