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Street Performer Career (Teen)

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2009 at 12:47 AM
Hi everyone! Today I bring you a new career for your teen, Street Performer. The career has its own unique guid and is EP compatible. It does NOT overwrite other careers. Plus they all have unique chance cards for each level.

Working days are; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Now for the levels!

Busker ($53) (M, T, W, T, S)
Playing on the path in your local park. With your new guitar and an old hat you're ready to earn a bit of money, though not much. Practise makes perfect.

Human Statue ($126) (M, T, W, T, S)
Don't talk. Stay completely still. Don't move a muscle. Once those strange men in your pick-up car dress you up you must NOT move. Though once you find your 'victim', it's the perfect time to jump and watch them squirm.

Street Clown ($265) (M, T, W, T, S)
You are now a street clown! Making balloon animals, juggling and dancing around like a lunatic are just some of the things required from you, a fully trained proffessional selling things at a lowish cost...

Hope you like it!

Known Issues! There is a problem with the icons ingame, because your teens go to school half of the icon if cut off when you see what job you have, this problem should not effect the careers.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to MTS and maxis for all the work they do!