23 Marley Drive (Based on the first Florida Home in Marley & Me)

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I saw the film Marley & Me lst weekend and fell in love with the first house that the Grogan's owned in Florida. I liked it's rusticness and simplicity as well as it's warm colours.

so that inspired me to create my own version.

The back yard was particulary leafy so I tried to include that in my build by using plenty of plants and things for simmies to do

For the floorplan I had to use a bit of guesswork but this is pretty close to how I imagine it is.

Please check out my other pictures to see more detail of the interior & exterior decor.

To download please click on the rar file


Lot Size: 2x5
Lot Price: 126,994

Custom Content Included:
- Rattan Garden Chair Fabric Recolour by Maylin
- Rattan Garden Chair by Maylin
- Rattan Garden End Table by Maylin
- Rattan Garden Table by Maylin
- 2 House Number by Jasiek
- 2 House Number Brick Recolour by Jasiek
- 3 House Number by Jasiek
- 3 House Number Brick recolour by Jasiek
- Abeni Window Open by Dee
- Modular Stairs by Numenor
- "Eponymous Garden" Hosta by Kate
- Iron Checks Wall Fence by Simcastic1
- Big Bougainvillea by Nengi65
- Big Oleander by Nengi65
- Tulips by Nengi65
- Old Wood Modular Stairs recolour by Numenor
- Okno Big Open Slanted Window by Samba
- Gardine "breeze" Curtain Silver Recolour by Olemantiker
- Gardine "breeze" Curtain by Olemantiker
- One Tile Gear City Open Window by Fway
- Simple Kitchen Curtain by Nengi65

Additional Credits:
Used but not included due to Sims2Play policy:
- Pine Tall Luma Fence by Sims2Play (free)
Find it at the bottom of this page:

Thanks to Numenor for the AnyGameStarter & CEP