Liu Mei Fei

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"...she floats like blossoms in the autumn,
where she breezes past and breathes new life,
into souls once hollow, and rough and plagued with stone.
The delicate flower, whose gaze to unknown,
leaves the tallest mountains and the tallest trees
to cower.
Her beauty, so fleeting, a glimpse if so fortunate,
only to whisper in the wind, 'farewell'

Liu Mei Fei is a delicate and beautiful empress, in which poems
such as the one above, reveals her great influence and utmost
beauty. Her voice comes to a whisper when she speaks to you
and only you alone. Her caring charm leaves one with such
satisfaction that life is no longer as miserable.

Just her existence, brings to you such blessed thanks that her
soul and her heart will hold you dear and close, it is her burden,
that she cares so long and so deeply.

The empress is alone.
A widow.

Many bachelors have sought for her hand in marriage, but every
time, she declines. Why, many have asked. Her reply:

"It is my duty to hold those who have touched my life, and keep
them close to me, as a reminder that I have loved, and that I can
share it to the people of this country, to rule with compassion,
to love. So I simply cannot share this devoted love to my country
and to my husband with another being I share no love for

Liu Fei always keeps her duties first. Her beauty fleets, and no man
can capture this delicate flower. Her heart finds content in that
her love to her country and to her long lost love, will keep this
country flourishing and compassion-like. She only hopes this, and
wishes this, for her love is eternal in the hearts of her country.

She will remain eternal, as a delicate flower floating in the autumn
breeze, a reminder that love and beauty is fleeting. Take the time
to love unconditionally and live, see and understand the beauty
of life.

Liu Mei Fei Sim is packed with Maxis Clothing/Hair.

Liu Mei Fei:

Skintone by Vindicatedmess (Based on Beach Party Skintone by @Stefan)

Eyeliner from Oluchi Onweagba Sim, go to Glance(Thesimssi2), In Alphabetical Order by The simssi2

and Blush from Raquel Zimmerman Sim, go to Glance(Thesimssi2), In Alphabetical Order by Thesimssi2

Eyes by Vindicatedmess

Outfit and Hair by RoseSims2 (Not Included)

Lips by NewSea (Juice) (Not Included)

*Please read my policy here , Thanks and enjoy...and take care of my baby.*


Custom Content by Me:
- Liu Fei Sim by Vindicatedmess
- Liu-Fei Eyes by Vindicatedmess
- Liu-Fei Skintone by Vindicatedmess

Custom Content Included:
- Lash Liner by thesimssi2 by [email protected]
- Blush by thesimssi2 by [email protected]

Additional Credits: