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I am not a big creator, I am just someone small who makes free stuffs. As for making donation items, really, count me out, when I spend my time making something, I want to make sure people who want it can have it.

You may ''include'' my stuffs on the exchange but with proper credits. If you want to have my creations on your site please ask. I spend my time on creations so I would appreciate if people give me proper respect. Every inch of my creations is edited from a real picture out of my own hand so if you want to edit them or something, please ask for permission.

I am not a ''DO NOT'' person but the only do not for me would be rudeness (and of course, upload my stuffs as yours). Thank you for liking my stuffs :) Lastly, it'd make my day if you leave a comment on my threads.

One last thing, I recently found out people's been using my dresses in contests, WOW, I can't say how honored I am! If you use my dress in any contests, stories, etc.. You are certainly welcome, I don't need to be credited but I would love have a look at your wonderful work so please link me :D you'd make my day, thank you.

:: Latest News ::
I am currently away for holidays so I won't be able to create anything for weeks. I might try to create a CAS (it's been awhile, I know..) if I am not too lazy, LOL.. anyway, keep an eye on me or PM me :) you are always welcome!

P/S: If I use anything you created, I will credit you for sure :) If I send you a PM to request for your models (it means you made a fantastic one), the least you could do is to write me back and give me an answer, whether you reject me or not, I'd really appreciate a reply, it is much more polite to reject me straight than not to write back. Thank you.

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