Smaller Food Prep / Counter OMSP

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Uploaded: 10th May 2009 at 4:39 PM
Hello all.

This is the Food Prep / Counter OMSP, from this set, made smaller. In my own game I use this a lot, and the large size was getting cumbersome, so I shrunk it.

If you missed it before, this block functions as a counter in that it will hold small kitchen appliances and your sims can also use it to prepare food on. So if your poor sims can't afford a counter, they can use the table, a bed or even the floor, like so:

This block's default placement is on the floor, but it will stack on most of my other OMSP, and probably any others you may have. It is especially useful in small houses where you may only be able to fit one counter. Line these up all over and suddenly you have the equilivant of six counters in the space of only one.

To use it for appliances you will need to put the block on the floor, place the appliance on the block and then place the block on your OMSP. Once you place the block on another surface you will not be able to place anything on it. However, you sims will have no trouble interacting with it to prepare food or to place empty dishes.

Some Things to Note:

  • This is the twitchiest block ever! When placed on the floor it can be very difficult to grab, and once placed on another OMSP it can be very difficult to grab the OMSP holding it. The best way I've found to grab the holding OMSP is to tilt the camera so it is looking straight down at the block and grab in the general area of the OMSP under it. The block itself has a grab-able area that extends clear down to the floor, because the joint is way down there, so straight down view is the best way to go. It will probably take a few tries.
  • If you set the block too far back from the front of the counter, your sims will not be able to reach the appliances on it. Microwaves and toaster ovens sit back far enough on their own, so you will mainly run into this with little appliances like coffee makers if you put them way back against the wall. The sim will be blocked from reaching them by the counter itself, unless you put the counter on a Walk-Through block (found here). With the Walk-Through block you will get some clipping though. There is a picture below illustrating this.
  • These don't work in the corner where two counters come together.
  • If you place the block too close to the wall, the wall will block the sim from using the block. It needs to be about a half-tile space away from the wall to work.
  • This block is just an alteration of the old block, and it will overwrite the old block. You can't have both.
  • This does work with the OMSP controller by julsfels here. I highly recommend it.

What's in the Downloads?

There are two files for download: one in the catalog, and one not, for those of you who have the old one not in the catalog.

The 'in catalog' block will show up under surfaces > miscellaneous, for free.

The 'not in catalog' block will show up in the collection folder only. The collection file is included, but if you already have the old set with its collection file, you don't need this collection file--they are the same and this block will replace the old one in it.

Polygon Counts:
FaceCount = 16, VertexCount = 31

Additional Credits:
Made with Numenor's counter template, and tested with Numenor's AnyGameStarter, so many thanks to Numenor.

Thank you very much to Bobcatben for making the SMD import/exporter for Blender.

Many thanks to the SimPE team for making modding possible, and to MTS for providing a place to share our creations.