OMSP - Invisible Kitchen Surface

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2022 at 10:57 PM
Updated: 21st Sep 2022 at 5:21 PM
This object works like a kitchen counter, but invisible, to provide additional surface where you need it.
My favorite use is to place it between counters -- perfect for holding small appliances or fitting in an extra cooking space.
Another idea is to add it to dinning table for sims to drop group platters after serving a meal.

21st September '22: improved clickable area to be easier to grab in buy mode and less likely to click on in live mode.
20th September '22: fixed an error that prevented cats from using this object; improved routing so that sims can grab things from different sides.
17th September '22: gave it slightly higher priority as a surface for dropping dirty plates and whatnot.

If you don't have AL or M&G, consider yourself a tester. You don't need any particular pack, but it certainly isn't for bare base game. I'm not sure about the exact game version it would be compatible with.

  • One for small kitchen appliances like microwaves and coffee machines
  • One for food preparation
  • One for dropping off dishware, cups, pizza, chinese, juice trays and food stuff
  • 4th dummy deco slot to comply with game's standards for counters (ignore it)
Sims can use only one slot at a time, because they are very close to each other.

  • Automatically turns invisible in Live mode
  • Has invisible recolor in Buy mode, but it really only useful if you need to take pictures outside of Live mode
  • No shadows, no 'hood view

  • It's free standing at counter height and doesn't snap onto other objects
  • Easy to grab in buy mode, but doesn't get in the way of clicking on other objects in live mode
  • Shiftable up and down to match heights of tables and whatnot
  • Quarter tile enabled
  • Intersects anything without moveobjects

  • Has a slightly lower priority for food preparation and slightly higher priority as a surface for dropping stuff, so that sims will prefer normal counters for cooking if they are nearby, and clog this thing with dirty plates instead
  • Medium quality and time of cooking
  • Doesn't get dirty
  • Doesn't have drawer/door opening animations
  • Contrary to the screenshots, doesn't show up in sim's interaction queue icon during cooking, food icon shows up instead

Catalogue Info
  • By Function: Surfaces - Counters
  • By Room: Kitchen
  • Price: §0

28 faces, 21 vertices

By The Way
I have a mod in testing that allows to use kitchen appliances without counters, but this OMSP has an advantage of being a cooking surface, and sims can never have too much cooking space.

It was supposed to be an easy object, but because I decided to get fancy with slots, I ended up rewriting every object function, and it was hell I hope it's good. Poke me with a stick if I broke anything.

Credits And Thanks
itsdiamondeyesuniverse for the mesh and moral support
creators of SimPE, TheCompressorizer, Photoscape, yada yada
HugeLunatic and other creators for pictured stuff
elfpuddle and everybody who agreed or not agreed with them