Villa Ooops ! 1 room, 2 bathrooms

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Uploaded: 31st May 2009 at 10:01 PM
I agree, this is a kind of crazy lot ! But it is fully playable and your Sims will find in it all the necessary objects to improve their skills.

In the ground floor is a kitchen with dining, a bathroom and a small study.
On the first floor you'll find a bedroom and a second bathroom.
On the third floor is the living room with TV and a bookcase.
Outside on the same level there is a BBQ area.

The house is also equiped with an easel, a telescope, a chess board and a
swimming pool.

The lot is made with Any Game Starter, scanned with Clean Installer, Season's proof and playtested.

You'll find the the download area 2 separate files : the first one is the lot and the second one is containing the Maxis' items recolours you'll need for the lot and which are not getting packed by Clean Installer.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 148,599

Custom Content by Me:
- Café curtains simply white
- Café curtains vichy yellow
- light grey velvet curtains
- Kitchen wall in grey 1a
- Kitchen wall with apples
- Vintage Wall 2
- Vintage Wall 3
- Vintage Wall 4
- Vintage Wall 6

Custom Content Included:
- Path to Meadow by parsimonious
- Manor House Garden Miniature Oval Topiary by phoenix_phaerie
- Manor House Garden Tall Tower Topiary by phoenix_phaerie
- Manor House Garden Tower Topiary by phoenix_phaerie

Additional Credits:
Numenor for Any Game Starter