Ancient World: Rome - Pantheon

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Project Ancient World
I have started a big project: The Ancient World.
The project is a multipart download and includes
-The Gate of Ishtar in Babylon
-The hanging gardens of Babylon
-The Lighthouse of Alexandria
-The Mausoleum
-The Temple of Artemis
-Roman Insulea
-The Pantheon
-The Roman Forum
- A Roman Domus
- And much more
With time, all the lots will be available at ModTheSims2.

Pantheon (History)
The Pantheon is a building in Rome which was originally built as a temple to all the gods of Ancient Rome, and rebuilt circa 126 AD during Hadrian's reign. It is one of the best preserved of all Roman buildings. It has been in continuous use throughout its history. Since the 7th century, the Pantheon has been used as a Roman Catholic church. The Pantheon is the oldest large-scale dome in Rome.

Picture of the Pantheon

About this Lot
The building has one playable floor, the others are for decoration and can not be used. In front of the temple are two smal buildings which can be used as toilets. The temple can be used as a restaurant for your rich sims.
I think the walls and floors are very wonderful ;-)

I have used the cheats
"boolprop constrainfloorelevation false"
"movesobjects on".

you must download:
- my columns recolor
- my additional floors for naboo palace
- my basic marble wall and floor set
- my 3 basic marble sets
- my mosaic for naboo palace


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 184083

Custom Content by Me:
- Theed Floor 03a

Custom Content Included:
- marmor2s by Tarox --> Häuser --> Villa Cicero
- Apollo Angelic by Sgoobysnacks29
- Apollo Maximus Sculpture by Sgoobysnacks29
- Statue Of Athene (Left) by Sgoobysnacks29
- Statue Of Athene (Right) by Sgoobysnacks29
- Manor House Garden Tall Tower Topiary by phoenix_phaerie
- Statley Lion by gromit
- Statley Lion by gromit
- marmor3s by Tarox --> Häuser --> Villa Cicero
- marmorxx by Tarox --> Häuser --> Villa Cicero
- marmorrom by Tarox --> Häuser --> Villa Cicero
- flora6 by Tarox --> Häuser --> Villa Cicero
- Garden Statue Aphrodite by Bundi2
- Mini-Pediment in Stucco by macarossi
- Mini-Pediment in Stucco by macarossi