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Bohemian Like You: 7 recolours of Sentate's Cassandra Goth dress

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Uploaded: 14th Jun 2009 at 7:59 PM
Last week it was the 80s, and this time I wanted some more colour options for another of Sentate's great outfits from the Cassandra Goth collection. This time, a rather 70s style boho dress.

Firstly, I have to note that while these are compressed, they aren't named as conveniently as my other downloads, I'm sorry. (The previews in Clean Installer and the Wrangler are weird). They're all worth keeping though, right?

Anyway, there are seven recolours in the .rar. The mesh is not included and can be download at the link below (or the second link in my blurb here). These are YA and A compatible and only require the base game.

Hair credits (by dress colour):
White: by Fainiel (free mesh by Raon)
Plum: by Peggyzone (free mesh)
Blue: by Rosesims (free mesh)
Red: by imaginepageant (mesh by Helga)
Yellow: by Coldfire (free mesh by Newsea)
Black: cavilez (free mesh by Peggyzone)
Pink: Maxis!


Additional Credits:
Eyes by bruno
Makeup by Helane, bruno, Lyran
Brows by Helaene
Dark skintone by Lyran
Walls, floors by Maxis.