*UPDATED*Bamboo Tiki Bar w/ drinkable/servable Margaritas by Cmomoney

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2009 at 10:51 PM
Updated: 20th Jul 2009 at 12:12 AM - added features
UPDATED July 19, 2009 This update makes a couple of changes:
  • Margaritas no longer have a drinking limit
  • Sims can now get a margarita regardless of their current motives
  • Six margaritas are available per tray. After the last margarita, the tray empties, and can only be cleaned up
  • Margaritas and tray are now washable(sink, dishwasher)
Please download the updated versions of the margarita-tray and tikibar files.

UPDATED July 16, 2009 I have updated the margarita/tray file to fix a bug that made sims and showers disappear. The file is also smaller in size. Please download the updated version and delete the old one(make sure you delete the puddle pakage).
UPDATED July 7, 2009 Please download the updated bar as it is now recolourable(and delete the old one). Recolours are available here .

Basegame Compatible

This set includes a bamboo tiki bar, barstools, serving tray, and of course, margaritas. The margaritas are now drinkable AND servable!

But be warned, drinking too much can have it's consequences...

The Bar
Sims may have a drink for themselves, or serve drinks to guests to any table/counter except endtables. Guest can only grab a drink from a served tray.
The Margarita
Margaritas are available to adults, elders, and teens. They increase Fun and Comfort motives, and decrease Energy and Bladder motives. If sims energy gets too low(drinks too much) they will pass out or throw up and have a "hangover".
The Tray
The tray has its own "Grab a drink" option and can be cleaned up. There must be a table/counter present in order to use the tray.
The Barstools
The barstools are angled 45 degrees and should only be used for this bar(this bar wasn't cloned from a bar so stool could react differently to other bars). There is a left and right stool, and they should be placed at each end of the bar facing each other and facing away from the bar(see pics).

If you have my previous margarita, you will have to delete it.
You must download the tikibar file AND the margarita file for it to be functional.

Polygon Counts:
bar - 1740
margarita - 442
tray - 940
barstools - 656(each)

Additional Credits:
First, foremost, and most of all, I'd like to thank Leesester for helping me with ideas and BHAVs, and for taking these beautiful pictures.

HystericalParoxysm for the sim used in these pics.

Echo, Numenor, and AddidasSg2 for their tutorials.