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*Updated* Dining Table Clutter

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2009 at 7:40 PM
Updated: 9th Feb 2010 at 8:06 AM

This set includes a placemat, silverware, plates, and salt and pepper shakers. I made it to match my Cozy Cottage Dining Set.The placemat, silverware, and shakers are at table height. This means you can place the mat, then place the silverware on top, and then the plate in the table's slot. Also, the shakers can be placed anywhere on the table (while holding ALT). The mats and the designs(3) on the plates are recolourable.

This set works best on small tables.
The three table-high items can only be selected from top view.
The shakers' thumbnail is missing.
Only the plates move with the table.
Only the plates have a 3D thumbnail.

Updated 1-24-10 fixes:
  • Fixed corrupted files (wasn't causing problems, but files were corrupt)
  • Fixed 3D thumbnails
  • Fixed grab areas
  • Fixed shakers and placemat disappearing on zoom
  • Fixed placemat showing through default plates

Please redownload.

Polygon Counts:
placemat 550
silverware 457
plate 272
shakers 588

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Wes Howe, Inge Jones and PLJones, And Delphy for the tools.