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"Custard" Anti-Puddingface Texture Replacer

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Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2009 at 3:15 AM
What do these do?

These files replace the textures for Sims 3 faces with more detailed, contoured versions that make sims look a bit less bland and puddingish. This is still an early version (second one I've done thus far) and I'm sure eventually I'll come out with even better ones - thus the name, Custard. Later ones will probably be more awesome desserts.

What changes are there?

I've almost fully retextured the faces, adding lots of contour detail to every area of the face, as well as making the main areas of skin have subtle texturing rather than being perfectly smooth.

The lips blend better with the rest of the skin, eliminating the need to put lipstick on a sim just to make it look like they're not wearing lipstick. They are soft and natural, with no excess shine or bumpiness.

The nose is more contoured, with more precise nostrils, a bit of shading around the sides of the nose, and increased highlighting on the bridge and tip.

The soft dip underneath the nose has more detail, darker in the center and lighter around the edges.

The eyelids have a lot more work done to them, with a little bit of an eye bag underneath, detailing around the upper and lower lids, slight shadowing to simulate the presence of faint lower lashes, and a tear duct on the inner corner of the eye.

You must remove other face replacers!

These skins replace the same textures as my previous faces. If you would like to use these skins, you must delete the textures for the previous skins from your game.

Look in Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages and delete the following files:



You will also have to regenerate your cache files to see the changes. Please see below under Install Instructions for info on how to do that!

Please note that these would -only- conflict with the increased texture detail for faces - these are JUST face textures. You can still use the increased shine files as well as the body skins I have previously released - just get rid of the face textures you have had previously and these will work fine.

Important info!

Please actually read this stuff. I know it's just SO much fun to ask stupid questions I've already answered, but save my sanity and actually read for once? Pretty please with bacon on top?
ALL these features above work only for teen through elder. Babies, toddlers, and children are not affected and remain as they are in the vanilla game. I didn't see the point in doing the full range when I will likely release an improved version later.

These are DEFAULT REPLACEMENTS which means they override the game's textures to create these affects. There is not yet any known way to make non-default skintones.

These work for all six skin colours, for all ranges. There is no known way to make them only work for natural skins or only green skins, etc.

Some measure of pixellation is present in-game. This appears unavoidable and part of how the game renders skintones - such pixellation is not present on my textures. The additional detail of the faces may appear slightly strange in certain lighting, but much of the time, it does look better than perfect smoothness.

Installation Instructions:

Downloading - Please read carefully! This is a mix and match set - you can get just the female faces, or just the male faces, or both. They can be used together with my previous body and shine textures.
If you have downloaded my face textures, or any other face textures previously: You must remove them first. See the "You must remove other face replacers!" heading for a list of what files of mine you need to remove if you had my faces before!

If you have not downloaded my face textures, or any other face textures previously: You can get one or both of the attached files. One set works for female faces, the other for male. You can choose which gender(s) you want - one or the other, or both. It's up to you.

Extract the contents of the rar files you have chosen to download. Then, follow these instructions to get them working in your game.

For existing sims:
Unlike TS2, default skins will not automatically update on existing sims! To force the game to reload, try deleting your cache files. Look in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ and delete the file called simCompositorCache.package. Also delete any files in the My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\WorldCaches folder. This should reload your sims with new skins. There may be some lag at first when this happens..

They don't work!!!

Well, actually, yes, they do... Please make sure you have read the install instructions above - both how to get them in your game, and regarding existing sims.

If they're still not working, there's a thread with suggestions and discussion on TS3 custom packages where you may find helpful info, and can ask questions.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Delphy for QADPE, and to the other tool creators/file format hackers for figuring out all the internal gubbins.