Asian skins made by 234jiao-TS3 Skin Replacements add a new style

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2009 at 8:33 PM
Updated: 16th Jul 2009 at 12:11 PM
I don't like the skins default with TS3 beacuse Im an Asian
I draw some skins about Asian style,please don‘t modify it ,and upload it as your file~
do you like them?
thanks HystericalParoxysm & the same to 千人斩竞争
they told me how to edite the skin mod~
the skin is *.package file,put it in sims 3\Mods\Packages,make sure U have "resource.cfg "and haven't install any other skins.
How to use package file:
if it doesn't work,delete the file called simCompositorCache.package which is in My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\
created using two programs:
ps & S3PIDemoFE
Important info:
(copy otherone's info,we are the same ^_^it's too hard for me with writting such many English....)
1.ALL these features above work only for teen through elder
3.These work for all six skin colours, for all ranges
4.Because of the muscle detail on the texture, this skin may not look good on fat sims
1.Except the newest light muscle skintone,you must Download "ts3 Asian skins face made by 234jiao(6th).rar" ,and one of the body files.
the files include the face & the body.
2.there is no hair&Nipples
3.If you would like to see the them please go to my blog or PM me,maybe I can help you.
4.if you like many hairs or other changes,maybe i can help you too.
5.The skintone with more muscle has been created.if you like it,download the file called "TS3 body skin more muscle with no hairs&nipples.rar"

6.A new skintone has been created.I have modified the male & female body skintone,& some bug of the face skin.
1).include the face,male body skin with light muscle & the new female the pic shows.

2).before use it, make sure U have deleted all the old skins.The old face skin was not compatible with new body skin,beacuse of the colour changed.
3).seperate them for male and female,beacuse of some one just like one of them.
4)If you like it, download the file: ts3 Asian skins with less mucle & new female skin without hair&nipples made by 234jiao(8th).rar
include the head,don't need DL the face.

7.body files you can only use one kind of them,if you have two or more,you must delete .
there are something else in my blog too.

at last,welcom to my blog: ... cbf3006b63e59c.html

all my ts3 file: