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No apple/watermelon gender disposition

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2009 at 8:21 PM
Updated: 13th Jun 2011 at 7:26 PM
Your Sims like apples but you don't want to be limited to little boys? You don't want to remove all the fruits from the fridge to get babies with random gender? Your pregnant sim wishes to get a little boy, but she likes watermelons? You think, it's unrealistic, that eating fruits affects the gender of babies? You think, it's unrealistic, that watching tv affects the number of babies?

This mod disables the stupid apple/watermelon gender disposition.

The gender of babies will now be completely random, and the number of babies will now be computed by fixed chances and no longer be affected by how much child tv/radio is watched.

Fertility treatment will still work, of course.

The reason for this mod was, I bought my sim family a lot of apples at the supermarket (because I like apples), and no watermelons (because I hate watermelons), and my sim mother ended up with six boys.

Compatibility note:
This is incompatible with the "Pregnancy Length Mod" by Ashkitty, "Pregnancy Pack" by Nvmplz and probably most other mods that affect pregnancy, pregnancy length, baby gender or child birth. It is compatible with awesomemod for sure and should be compatible with most teen or same-sex pregnancy mods, but I didn't checked them all. If you require a longer or shorter pregnancy use the experimental additional packages (see below).

This is compatible with the patch 1.3.4. Before the patch every food prepared with fruits affected the gender of babies, after the patch, only raw apples and watermelons do this. If you only installed this mod, because you wanted to eat apple pancakes and other "normal" (prepared) food without worring about the gender of your babies, you can uninstall the mod after applying the patch.

Other changes:
As Ashkitty, I changed the maximum days as an NPC Baby to 3 and enabled water break. I also increased the rate for triplets a little, to compensate for the missing tv/radio increase.

Additional packages:
Due to request, I uploaded versions with longer/shorter pregnancy and other little extras. I made them on my own, so they could behave a little different than Ashkitty's mods and are mostly untested. Please make backups and report problems if you get some. Only install one package at a time.

In Sims 3 the gender of babies is determined at impregnation and not at birth. The only possibility to affect the gender of babies after impregnation is eating apples or watermelons, so if this mod is installed, the game will behave realistically: Your pregnant mother will always get a boy or girl, regardless how often you reload the game. You will have to reload before pregnancy or/and make a new baby to (possibly) get a baby of the other gender.

Additional Credits:
Thanks for S3PI and EA Games for creating such ridiculous "features" so I can fix them.