Alchemilla Hospital (Silent Hill)

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2009 at 8:57 PM
Updated: 15th Mar 2010 at 4:35 AM - Updated lot
Hello all,

I present you with Alchemilla Hospital, the creepy hospital from Silent Hill 1 with all its rooms. There are a total of 14 bedrooms, aka patient rooms. The basement is accessible via stairs and elevator, as are all the floors on this lot except the rooftop.

The lot size is of course "Large 4x4" so there's plenty of space for your Sims to appreciate... this includes the rooms.
I have built this lot as close as possible to the game version of Alchemilla and it took over three hours to complete (in both building and decorating). Although this was a challenge, I'm pleased with the result except the all-over shape.

Patients' rooms have 'dorm' doors just in case Sims want their personal space, or if you decide to turn it into a dorm or something. It's built partially based on Silent Hill Origins too.

Lisa Garland: "I'm sorry, I'm rambling... I'll shut up..."

Hope you enjoy it!!

-- DarkWolfStar --
Please no stealing/claiming this to be your own work. I spent precisely three hours working on it.

v1.0: 10/7/2009 - original upload

Alchemilla Hospital rebuild on its way - 28/01/2010

Alchemilla Hospital Rebuilt - 15/03/2010

Original Lot:
Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 300,526
Details: Fully furnished.
Compatibility: UNI, NL, O4B, PETS

Rebuilt Lot:
Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price: 295,188
Details: Fully furnished, with Custom walls & floors.
Compatibility: UNI, NL, O4B, PETS, SNS, BV, FT, AL
Screenshots: 1F | 2F | 3F | B1F | StreetView

Custom Content Included:
- Puddle of Blood by gwillewyn
- Blood Pressure Measurer by JohnBrehaut1
- Box of Gloves by JohnBrehaut1
- Check up bed by JohnBrehaut1
- Dentist Chair by JohnBrehaut1
- Dentist Lamp by JohnBrehaut1
- Heart Rate Monitor by JohnBrehaut1
- Oxygen Tank by JohnBrehaut1
- Reception Desk by JohnBrehaut1
- Stethoscope by JohnBrehaut1
- Xray Viewer by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Bed by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Operating Table by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Organ Weigher by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Heart Reviver by JohnBrehaut1
- Employee Roster by JohnBrehaut1
- Surgery Stand by JohnBrehaut1
- Surgery Tools by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Waiting Room Chair by JohnBrehaut1
- Medical Set Sign's by JohnBrehaut1
- Body Bag by JohnBrehaut1
- Morgue Body Trays by JohnBrehaut1
- Morgue Examination Table by JohnBrehaut1
- Urn by JohnBrehaut1
- Cough Medicine by JohnBrehaut1
- Medicine Fridge by JohnBrehaut1
- Bottles of Pills by JohnBrehaut1
- Prescription Pad by JohnBrehaut1
- Pharmacy Product Shelves by JohnBrehaut1
- Alchemilla Walls (normal) by Darkwolfstar
- Alchemilla Walls (otherside) by Darkwolfstar
- Renovated Walls by Darkwolfstar
- Alchemilla Floors (marbletile) by Darkwolfstar
- Alchemilla Floors (otherside) by Darkwolfstar

Additional Credits:
yangn - Harry Mason & Lisa Garland Sims (used as models). Thanks!