Brookhaven Hospital from Silent Hill 2 + Silent Hill 3

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2009 at 6:31 AM
Updated: 22nd Jun 2010 at 11:58 AM - Adding preview pics of the rebuilt lot - they're long overdue!

I present you with Brookhaven Hospital, the creepy hospital from both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. As in the game itself, there are a total of 24 Patient rooms. You can access all floors with both stairways and elevators as you could in the games - the only thing I did not build was the emergancy stairway due to the size of that room (too small!).

The lot size is "Huge 5x6" so there's plenty of the outdoors (and indoors) for your Sims to enjoy, despite the number of floors. The Day rooms have been converted into basic living rooms but you can easily change it to suit your needs.

It comes fully furnished, with lighting fitted on each floor. It does not come with pet items (beds, chew/scratch toy, food bowl... etc) but it does include two elevators (as in the game), but only one set of stairs; the Emergancy Stairs couldn't be added due to the size of those rooms so I left them out altogether, but you can edit the building if you want to add them.

Hope you enjoy it!!

This lot is quite pricey, as it costs 393,919 Simoleons to buy.

-- DarkWolfStar --
Please no stealing/claiming this to be your own work.

Brookhaven Hospital v2
Lot | 1F | 2F | 3F | Roof | B1F

24.09.2009 Built Brookhaven V2 -
29.09.2009 Added Empty Lot of updated Brookhaven (will update once it is completely furnished)
29.09.2009 Began re-construction of Brookhaven (v2)
22.06.2010 Added pictures of the (still unfurnished) v2 lot.

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: 393,919

Custom Content Included:
- Puddle of Blood by gwillewyn
- The floor that you'll see in the Alternate World of Silent Hill!  by merzitar
- Blood Pressure Measurer by JohnBrehaut1
- Box of Gloves by JohnBrehaut1
- Check up bed by JohnBrehaut1
- Dentist Chair by JohnBrehaut1
- Heart Rate Monitor by JohnBrehaut1
- Oxygen Tank by JohnBrehaut1
- Reception Desk by JohnBrehaut1
- Stethoscope by JohnBrehaut1
- Xray Viewer by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Bed by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Operating Table by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Heart Reviver by JohnBrehaut1
- Employee Roster by JohnBrehaut1
- Surgery Stand by JohnBrehaut1
- Surgery Tools by JohnBrehaut1
- Hospital Waiting Room Chair by JohnBrehaut1
- Medical Set Sign's by JohnBrehaut1
- Medical Set Sign's by JohnBrehaut1
- Medical Set Sign's by JohnBrehaut1
- Medical Set Sign's by JohnBrehaut1
- Ash Pile by JohnBrehaut1
- Body Bag by JohnBrehaut1
- Morgue Body Trays by JohnBrehaut1
- Morgue Examination Table by JohnBrehaut1
- Morgue Incinerator by JohnBrehaut1
- Urn by JohnBrehaut1
- Cough Medicine by JohnBrehaut1
- Medicine Fridge by JohnBrehaut1
- Bottles of Pills by JohnBrehaut1
- Prescription Pad by JohnBrehaut1
- Pharmacy Product Shelves by JohnBrehaut1
- A creepy wooden wall from Silent Hill.  by merzitar