Skinny Jeans and Blouse outfit for Lara Mesh

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Uploaded: 26th Jul 2009 at 2:07 AM
Updated: 27th Jul 2009 at 7:07 PM - Corrected Bumpmap Flattener
To use this outfit for the Lara Mesh you must have the Mesh installed, see link:
Link to Lara Body Mesh Download

***Edit: Corrected Bumpmap Flattener now available in own ZIP.***

Available for Adult/YA, enabled for Everyday, Formal, Athletic and Swimwear.
I have also provided a package file for the Maxis mesh.

You will find this outfit in the full body section when you go int CAS, Not as a top or bottom.

The outfit is essentially a one piece body texture, but it gives the appearance of a top and bottom set. Don't worry I am working on a genuine two part mesh.

The Lara BodyMesh is a skintight Mesh which in this case is not a hindrance.
The skintight jeans look well fitted.

Both the the Blouse and the Jeans are standard Maxis seperates which have been edited to fit as a single piece. (It's actually quite a job to get jeans from a bottom mesh to line up correctly on a body mesh)

The blouse has been given a lower neckline and is shorter, the Jeans have been distressed just a little bit more.

The shorts came about pretty much by accident. Frustration with things not going well can sometimes lead to lucky slips. They are a bit cheeky.

As soon as I saw it in game it just demanded a Gothy look, hence the black colour selection, and because of this I decided to include a set of stockings I had laying around.
Robokitty has some good gothy stockings for download here.

is the set of stockings for that Gothy feel. (With the right colour)

is the outfit for my Lara BodyShape Mesh. The Mesh must be installed to use this package.


are for the standard Maxis mesh. The BM file is a bumpmap flattener to get rid of seams that will show on the Maxis. This will over-ride the bumpmap for all outfits that use that mesh. Not a detriment as far as I can see, but yor choice. Both in one zip.

This outfit came about pretty much as a demonstration of what is possible. I hope I have made my case.

As a taster, the mesh modelling the stockings is a working prototype of the new 2 part top/bottom Lara Mesh. Still some seams issues to work out.

Good things coming.

Additional Credits:
Delphy, Peter L Jones and simlogical and WesHowe. Thanks guys.