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Pixie Hair for Males (All Ages)

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2009 at 12:49 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2009 at 7:39 PM
I have converted this nice pixie style for female Sims to males. Moreover I have converted the Meshes for childs and toddlers.

  • New hair doesn't overwrite any existing hair
  • For male sims of all ages
  • For female toddler and childs
  • Fully recolorable

Here is a picture of all ages. The hair for female and male toddlers and childs is the same.

Last but not least some pictures from diffrent angles:

I have seperated the files so you can only download the file you want. If you don't like the female version for toddlers and girls you don't have to download it.

Polygon Counts:
Polys: 1802
Vertices: 787

Skins by Papercat
Eyes by aikea guinea

Additional Credits:
Thanks to HystericalParoxysm for her awesome tutorial.
Thanks to Delphy for CasTextureUnitool and Daboobs.
Thanks to WesHowe for the MilkShape GEOM plugins.