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Base game box braids for all ages/genders

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2011 at 11:53 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2011 at 12:30 PM - Correcting broken file
Now working properly!

These are EA’s base game loose braids converted for toddler, child and male teen-elder. The textures link back to EA’s; the only one I altered is the halo.

I’ve never actually seen a bloke with long box braids, but friends informed me that Stevie Wonder wore them in the 70s so I thought I’d convert these for AM just in case. (It’d be a pretty odd style for a toddler, too, come to mention it – all that extra hair...)

I expect a lot of people will want this for female children/toddlers but not for males, so I have uploaded two options: (a) unisex and (b) female only. Download only one of each or you will have duplicate styles in your female hair catalogue.

These are all ticked as valid for random. They don’t have fat/thin morph states (I don’t use TSRW and don’t know how to do it with Delphy’s Barbershop). They may clip through clothing a bit, especially the toddler one, but then, so did the original.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, particularly Bloom and Whiterider Thanks especially to Bloom for explaining how to retain the EA bone assignments when creating the LOD1.

NOTICE: If you downloaded the CF/PF version before the fifth of June, PLEASE REDOWNLOAD! I ingeniously wrecked the face textures. It should be fixed now.

Additional Credits:
Eyes are HP's "Subtle Glance" default replacements.
Skin is "Nice" by Lady Frontbum.