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Nintendo Addict! 14 Shirts for YA/A Females

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2009 at 5:02 AM
Updated: 1st Feb 2015 at 3:42 PM by Nysha
Nintendo Addict! 14 Shirts for YA/A Females

Now presenting 14 Shirts for Young Adults and Adult Females for The Sims 3! Including...
-The Mario 1UP Shirt
-Princess Daisy
-Donkey Kong
-Krystal from StarFox Adventures
-The Mario Star
-Princess Peach
-The Triforce
-Princess Zelda

These wonderful shirts look great in-game and are a must have for any true Nintendo fan!
These shirts are available in CAS categories Everyday, Sleepwear & Athletic.
They are available for Young Adults and Adult Females.
These shirts are Recolorable! (Stencils cannot be changed)
Non-Default and do not replace any shirts.

*This is a fan creation. I, in no way, own these characters. They are licensed by Nintendo. This is a fan appreaciation creation!*

Coming Soon: Nintendo Addict! Shirts for Children!

All Models were made by me using these hairs:
1UP- RoseSims hair (found at rosesims2.net)
Bowser- Edited Emo Hair 1 by katelys (found at TSR)
Peach- Peggy 01498 Convert (found at mysims3blog.blogspot.com)
Daisy- In A Parallel Universe peggy Convert (founda at Garden of Shadows)
Donkey Kong- Sau Convert (found at MTS)
Yoshi- HystericalProxysm's Cherub Hair (found at MTS)
Krystal- Raon Sims Convert (found at mysims3blog.blogspot.com)
Link- Raon Sims Convert (found at mysims3blog.blogspot.com)
Triforce- Shorter Bobs for Male and Female sims by Oepu
Zelda- EA Store hair
Luigi- Peggy Convert (found at mysims3blog.blogspot.com)
Mario- Rosesims Convert (found at rosesims2.net)
Boo- Raon Sims Convert (found at mysims3blog.blogspot.com)
Star- Ea Hair

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all of those who left me comments and thanks!
Thank you for sending me emails telling me what you would like to see! :D

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a PM!