Practical Pattern: 4 Colour Geometric Thin Stripe

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Uploaded 19th Aug 2009 at 1:49 AM

I'd be surprised if this pattern didn't exist already, either built in the game or elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.

All I wanted was a fine-grain uniform stripe with recolourable channels to suit my needs.

So I made my own. This is my first pattern and probably laughably simple but it did take me some time. In the off-chance this pattern doesn't exist already, I offer this as an upload to the community.

This pattern is very versatile, but is particularly good on articles of clothing or smaller objects. If you use this on large objects, it will make your eyes bleed. I wore sunglasses while making this in Photoshop!

Credits: Patterns and model Clint by me. Hair is Oepu's Pixie Hair found here on MTS (Thanks alot Oepu!!!)

In-Game Category: Geometric

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