Modernesque Villa

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2009 at 5:14 PM
This is a small, but expensive, single story modern house. I have absolutely no idea where I got the name "Modernesque" from but to me, it sounded a little classy and modern at the same time. The small size of this house is only fit for a couple who do not wish to live with children. So pretty much the parents have two choices, live a quiet life full of luxury or live a humble life with kids running around. But really, what you do with this house is entirely your choice, whether you may want to expand it or add more to the scenery.

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30x30
Furnished Cost: $260,099
Unfurnished Cost: $55,207

Of course, custom content has been used so you will have to refer to the following links if you want the house to appear the way you expect it to.

Paintings by Sims Art Gallery (Without that site, my art galleries would've looked miserable)
By The Sea
Underwater Adventures

Cars by Fresh_Prince at this very site (his work is something to marvel at)
2008 Audi A4
2007 Mercedes Benz CLK-500
2009 BMW M3 Coupe

Furniture Sets by The Store
Ultra Lounge
Eleganza Drapes

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $260,099