Floating Art Gallery

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2009 at 7:29 PM
Updated: 13th Sep 2009 at 5:47 AM
This is a mesmerizing art gallery that contains, well, floating art/paintings. This is my first upload and I hope you guys like it! There are six themes, as explained by the 6 sections, these themes are:
This has been dedicated to http://simsartgallery.net for all the hard work that has been put into each painting. My art galleries would have looked terribly miserable if it had not been for that website and it's creator.

As you may have been aware, custom content has been used so you might want to download whatever from the following links:
Sims Art Gallery Paintings:
-Pandora's Box
-Sarah's Dream
-Chimera (Download the house if you wish)
-A Midwinter's Night
-Underwater World
-Underwater Adventures
-Modern House
Blooms And Roads
-Animal House
-All About Eve
-The Surreal Life
-Misty Morning Rising
-Asian Imports
-To The Sea
-A Rose is a Rose
-Yeah, that should be all for Sims Art Gallery, you should also check out her other works as well as you download the above list

Luna at Simslulamai:
-Asian 3-in-1
-Cityscape 3-in-1

Mo0ose69 at MTS3:
-Landscaping/Kinkade Paintings

Kruela at Sunset City:
-Geisha Paintings

Vampyrelle at Sims 3 Marketplace:
-Rose Paintings(If link is inaccessible, you may need to register)

-Surreal Pattern

Stylist Sims:
Modern Lounge Set (Download the bottom one)

The Store:
Standardizing Standards Loveseat

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $190,621