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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2009 at 6:38 PM

Greetings fellow simmers im back with sleek house based on this house.
Its a compact, contemporary 2 bedroom home. Features a galley kitchen, 2 baths, a compact interior dining and living space, gracious outdoor areas for entertaining and relaxing. Ideal for parent sims with 1 child. Hope you enjoy the house!


This house has been playtested. Please PM me if any problems arise.

Lot info:
Size - 20x30
Price - Furnished: $66,432
Unfurnished: $42,336

-1 Master Bedroom
-1 Bedroom
-2 Bathrooms
-1 Kitchen
-1 Outdoor BBQ Area
-1 Living Area
-1 Dining Area
-A house your neighbours will envy.

Custom Content:

-Furniture from Stylist Sims. Content can be found here. Dining, Living & Bedroom set is used.
-Furniture from Mango Sims. Content can be found here. Lilliberg, Imary-Artiste, Asera & Tinyt Set is used.
-Ribbon Window by HugeLunatic. Content can be found here.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $66,432