Magic Items conversion from Apartment Life *Updated for Pets*

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Uploaded: 27th Nov 2009 at 6:59 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2011 at 4:08 AM

These are a couple of magical items converted from Apartment Life, so your magical Sims won't feel so left out!

This does not add magic in the game, it only allows you to use the items as they are: this means lights can be turned on and off (and illuminate the room), the two chairs can be sat on. The cauldron, Mystic Dust and Crystal Ball are decorative only.

This does not add magic, these are purely decorative non functional objects. The chairs you can sit on, and the lights you can turn on and off, that's all.

The objects are fully recolourable. Although because of limitations in custom recolours at the moment, the objects come with slightly off default patterns, so it's best to choose your own recolour!


Fairy Floor Lamp: 165
Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp: 165
Stardust Wallscone: 65
Palm of Darkness Wallscone: 65
Fist of Darkness Ceiling Light: 70
Stardusted Ceiling Light: 70

Mystic Dust: 4
Cast Iron Cauldron: 150
Crystal Ball: 150

Throne of Darkness: 2500
Throne of Light: 2500

Polygon Counts:
Fairy Floor Lamp: 1545
Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp: 1452
Stardust Wallscone: 589
Palm of Darkness Wallscone: 687
Fist of Darkness Ceiling Light: 578
Stardusted Ceiling Light: 685

Mystic Dust: 456
Cast Iron Cauldron: 1253
Crystal Ball: 243

Throne of Darkness: 1897
Throne of Light: 1942