Free Time Activity Table Replacement

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2009 at 4:45 PM
Updated: 17th Dec 2009 at 10:42 AM - fixed replacement and recolours

If you download my work before 16/dec/2009, please download again and I am truly sorry.

Replacement of original maxis Activity Table will make it recolourable and will add invisible recolour in your game. In separated file you can find 8 activity table recolours to match original maxis child beddings.
If you want to make your recolour this table, you can find something like a template to paint the table in "".

Known Issues.
Maxis Activity Table is a bit "strange" object. It contains a "dirty" recolour, but nobody has ever seen this table dirty. And I do not know if we can get SimPE to have "dirty" and "clean" recolours this objects in one file. I am not convinced that the "dirty" recolour generally needed. As not convinced that his absence will not cause errors in the game. So I left the opportunity to add "dirty" recolour in your work.

My Activity table really replace the game maksis original. BUT after the correction of a small part of the problems of the object from, accidentally deleting it in game through the catalog could corrupt the game install. As a workaround, you can move my replacement file in one of your game install folders
Or a few hours to download my recolourable Activity table as a regular CC, not a replacement.

I think choosing between small improvements and safety, the majority will choose safety. So I fixed all the whole project in accordance to new information. Now my work is replacement, which can be safely placed in your downloads folder.

If you download my work before 16/dec/2009, please download again and I am truly sorry.

And some Activity table recolours by faerie7queen you can find at

Additional Credits:
EA for the original mesh
Quaxi and all the developers of SimPE Numenor for CEP Jasana_BugBreeder for russian tutorials
Shoukeir at for decor using in screenshot.
HugeLunatic at MTS for invaluable advice
And simathome at MTS for vigilance