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Duo Tones, Blue Slate & Amethyst - Replacement Skin Tone Slider

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Uploaded: 17th Dec 2009 at 1:02 AM

In game shot, (extracted sims from background)

This will replace the nasty blue skintone with what I think is something a bit more realistic (if you can call blue realistic), and since I am a big fan of fantasy I really wanted a purple elf so I've added it as an extra colour on the slider.

The slider turns from Pale blue, Mid blue, Dark blue then into Dark Purple, Mid purple and (you guessed it) Pale purple.

(Extracted From CAS)

Be very gentle when using these sliders because they're quite sensitive and I've aimed to have a good range for both tones and like everything else they look better in game.

Now if you already have a blue sim in your game these will overwrite, but there does seem to be a strange issue at first.
When wearing everyday clothes the sim may maintain EA's original skin colour but with the rest (formal, Undies etc.) they'll sport my default tone. I think it may have something to do with refreshing the thumbnails so delete your CASPartCache from Documents/Sims 3. If that doesn't do the trick then just change your sims outfit, take them back to CAS or use a dresser just make sure it's a different outfit then when they emerge problem solved.

NOTE: If your wondering why your female sims have strange pink lips when they don't in my screen shots its because of EA's poxy lip overlay, I've removed it from my game and I'll upload some face overlays which fix this.

Hope you like them.

Additional Credits:
Used In Screenshiots.

HystericalParoxysm Detailed skin replacement

Free Hairs From Peggysims

Slider hack form Awesom Mod

Rick and Delphy's body sliders

jonha's Sliders

CmarNYC elf ear sliders