No Auto make Processed Baby Food

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Uploaded: 18th Jan 2010 at 8:12 PM
Updated: 30th Oct 2013 at 1:55 PM by werismyki
Currently working with Patch 1.63

I simply got tired of sims making bowl after bowl of baby food and then simply putting them on the counter, table, or floor because they weren't even the one feeding the toddler. In fact, I don't know that I ever saw the sim with the toddler make food from the food processor.

It finally made me do something when I noticed one of my larger households had 17 bowls scattered about the kitchen and no one did anything about them. When I directed a sim to do something with them, the only option was "Clean Up". So you can't even put this in the fridge. Since it never seems to spoil, you could leave them there and direct a sim to use it when the toddler gets hungry again. So now I knew they would not auto clean them up, they can't be put in the fridge, and I had no intention of directing a sim to look for and use a bowl left around from the last time.

At first, I would either sell or hide the food processor in the family inventory until the toddler aged up. Finally, I looked for a section of code pertaining to this action and simply disabled the autonomous availability.

Sims can still pull a bowl of food out of their butt or where ever it comes from as well as a bottle, so don't worry the toddler won't starve. You can still direct your sim to make food using the processor as well.

Additional Credits:
Peter L Jones for S3PE