Moo's Mews (8 modern base-game no-cc venues)

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2010 at 2:30 PM
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Moo's Mews are a set of tiny modern community lots where your sims can meet, eat, shop, and have a lot of fun. Because the lots are small, they will attract a small number of neighbors and townies. For your convenience, all lots have bathrooms.

Descriptions and pictures of the individual lots are in the first few comments posts in this thread.

Connecting walls:
Connecting walls allow the lots to be placed side-by-side seamlessly in your neighborhood, to create a small downtown area or strip mall. Lots can also be placed back-to-back or even back-to-side for corner roads. They will also work as stand-alone buildings.

Excess connecting walls can easily be removed, using the standard method for removing walls. Just use the <ctrl> key plus the wall tool to delete the walls that you don't want. Be sure to delete the upper wall before deleting the lower one.

Excess floor tiles:
To allow you to delete the connecting walls on the upper floor, several floor tiles have been strategically placed on the upper floor at the edges of the lot. These can all be deleted once the lot has been placed in your neighborhood and unwanted connecting walls have been removed. Just use the standard method for removing floor tiles. You will need to use the "moveobjects on" cheat to remove these tiles, then use the <ctrl> key plus any floor tile to delete the floor tile at the edge of the lot.

In general, the process for removing a connecting wall is: remove the upper wall, remove the excess floor tile, remove the lower wall. You will probably also want to remove the excess floor tiles for connecting walls that you wish to keep, although there is no harm in keeping either the excess walls or excess floors. Be sure to turn "moveobjects off" when you are done.

Most of these lots have raised ceilings, which means that they may not be weather-proof if you have Seasons. However, it's very simple to close a building against the weather; just add some flooring above the main level.

Viewing angle:
Lots were designed to be played from the front; it should be possible to change the viewing angle with a small rearrangement of furnishings.

All pictures show extended sidewalks at the front of the lot. However, moving or placing the lot in a neighborhood may remove the sidewalk closest to the road. To add the sidewalk back in that spot, use the "moveobjects on" cheat to make that area accessible, then add concrete floor tiles as usual. Be sure to turn "moveobjects off" when you are done.

Adding, removing, and changing walls:
Internal walls can be changed as you desire. However, the outside walls, which are one tile in from the edge of the lot, were placed using the shrinking feature of the LotAdjuster. While these walls can be deleted without any problem, you will not be able to add them back without expanding and reshrinking the lot. It is not recommended that you remove the outer walls of the building.

These lots were play-tested both in the base-game, and with all EPs and SPs except the Store edition. Note that bar drinks cannot be made in later EPs.

Two problems have been found with two specific EPs:

1) If Nightlife is your last EP and you have no SPs, then there is a problem when driving a car to one of these lots. This is a problem with all 1-wide community lots and is not specific to Moo's Mews. For now, have your sims use a taxi when traveling to these lots. For more information, or to follow our progress on finding a solution, see:

2) If Mansions & Gardens is your last EP / SP, then there is a problem with the alignment of wall coverings on walls with non-standard heights. All that this means is that the lots will not appear as pictured in this thread. There is no known solution at this time. If you don't like the new look, feel free to change the wall coverings used. For more information, see:

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Numenor for the AnyGameStarter, which allowed me to make these lots base-game compatible:

Thanks to Peter and Inge Jones for SimPE, which allowed me to change lot types between residential and community, giving me access to more objects than are usually available on base-game community lots:

Thanks to frillen for the pizza and for making non-buyable objects available without requiring custom content:

Thanks to Sophie-David for the punching bag and for making career rewards available without requiring custom content:

Thanks to Inge Jones for the Portal Revealer, which allowed me to check and tweak the portal locations, which is especially important for 1 wide lots:

Thanks to aelflaed and plasticbox for giving me feedback on these lots.

These lots were created using the shrinking feature of the LotAdjuster to ensure maximum use of available space:

Rather than using the constrainfloorelevation cheat, I used the TS2GridAdjuster to adjust the roof heights: