Antiques in auction: A Dining set

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Simladies and Simgentlemen: for you, who love collectionism, or to invest in fine antiques, or simply decorate with a taste of the past, today I bring a whole dining set, handicrafted with care and detail for the best cabinetmakers in the early days of the 19 century.

The set in auction is composed by:

1- A large half-moon console that could play the role of a buffet, or a seamless banquet table for eight linking two of them, or even as a desk for your office or library. We have in auction six tables with the same mesh as a result of mixing different patterns (we strongly recommend to get the big table linking those less shiny). Some experts identify in this consoles the very hands of Robert Adam, Sheraton and Hope.

2- The set couldn't be complete without stylish chairs. You had probably missed in the Sims world the existence of a gondole styled one (I have even heard that the Nanisim's real life home has a set like this in her dining room) The first gondole chairs are supposedly born in the Louis XVI period and they were a constant sourrounding tables along the Regency era. Four patterns into two different base textures dress our chairs taking to our times the original look, from tarnished to gilded to painted in the frames and the sits in leather, brocade, chenille or an authentical tapestry.

But we are conscious that you probably want to match your new adquisitions with your current home decoration, so both articles come FULLY RECOLORABLE in three channels: front, detail in legs and top in case of table; rosettes, woodenframe and sit in case of chair.

The last price, please?


The table is cloned from the Club dining table. It costs only 285 simoleons. Under Buy Mode/Surfaces/dining tables.
The chair is also cloned from the club dining chair, but it costs 140 simoleons. Under Buy MOde/Comfort/dining chairs.

Polygon Counts:
Incredible but true!
Table: 426 vertex/412 faces
Chair: 778 vertex/644 faces

Additional Credits:
My gratitude to the immortal Jane Austen.