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Basic Dining Set

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Uploaded: 12th May 2011 at 5:37 PM
Updated: 12th May 2011 at 8:48 PM by nikkicornelisse
Hello there everybody!

This is my first object mesh ever. I wasn't sure if I could manage it, but the result was pretty good.
I was happy with the set I created, and that's why I decided to upload it.

The set contains a 2x1 diningtable, chairs, a table light, a ceiling light and a floor light.

Ceiling light: three channels (feet, stand and lightcap)
Table light: three channels (feet, stand and lightcap)
Floor light: three channels (feet, stand and lightcap)
Dining chair: three channels (cushion, backrest and the rest of the chair)
Dining table: two channels (legs and tabletop)
End table: two channels (legs and tabletop)

Ceiling light: 30 simoleons
Table light: 35 simoleons
Floor light: 55 simoleons
Dining chair: 90 simoleons
Dining table: 150 simoleons
End table: 50 simoleons

Hope you like it and please comment!

Polygon Counts:
Ceiling light: 426 polycounts
Table light: 428 polycounts
Floor light: 428 polycounts
Dining chair: 778 polycounts
Dining table: 146 polycounts
End table: 146 polycounts