Hazel Street subway - Silent Hill 3 + new version requiring less expansions

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Uploaded: 7th Apr 2010 at 12:24 AM
Updated: 4th Apr 2012 at 8:03 PM - UPDATE added remake version
So, as the title says, this is the Hazel Street subway station - located beneath/beside the shopping mall in Silent Hill 3. This took a long time to make as well, especially considering I'm not that good in making basements.. and now I had to make four floors as a basement! :O And it worked out... ok, not really how I wanted it to be, but at least it's playable.

I don't know what it looks like above the subway so I used my imagination. I think it turned out more like a train station than a subway though, but whatever. Then you can use it both as a subway and a train station!

Since the ground does go down about four stories, you shouldn't put this lot where the neighbourhood ground is low, or else the basement will be "flooded" (get a blue layer). This is what happened to me when I was almost done and I tested to move the lot, and it got the blue layer. I freaked out and thought I had to start all over. But then, Mod The Sims game help came to the rescue. Thank you!

For those of you who don't play Silent Hill or doesn't even know what it is, you can just use this as a regular subway (or train station) for your sims. Of course it doesn't work as a real-life subway but you get my point.

Content Required But Not Included:
SIM TODAY Newspaper Stand - http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=230259
WallSims Zoom painting (mesh, you'll need this to make all the "subway_sign"'s I've made work) - it is now avaliable on the Sims2 Graveyard, go to WallSims and download the wallsims_zoom_painting_mesh.rar

The wallsims link doesn't work. Thanks to lizbianish for letting me know. The http://www.wallsims.net site doesn't work either. I'm not sure if it's temporary or not. I'll see what I can do and I will update if anything changes.
It seems like wallsims is permanently down. That means there's no link to the mesh and I can't include it in the package file. Instead, I might re-create the signs using another mesh. It's going to take a long time to do so though, so we'll see when and if I'm gonna do it.
UPDATE - August 25th, 2011
You can now get the wallsims mesh at the Sims2 Graveyard. Go to WallSims - download the wallsims_zoom_painting_mesh.rar file.
I emailed the Graveyard about this months ago and it seems they updated the site with some wallsims files in June. (I just remembered to check it. Great thing it's avaliable again though!)
UPDATE - April 4th, 2012
Added a remake.
Well, ok so, my intention with this remake was to actually make it a bit smaller (in file size) and decrease the amount of expansion packs required. But um... that didn't really go as planned. It is a bit smaller, and this version doesn't need Bon Voyage, H&M nor Open for Business. But basically what I've done is delete a couple of benches and other unneccessary items that doesn't even show up in the Silent Hill game. And I also remade the top floor - the station hall or whatever you'd call it. A picture of it:

I also felt this station hall looked more Silent Hill-ish, as it goes more in style with the rest of the station.

Oh, and can I just say that this lot has definitely been my favourite to build so far. Sometimes I feel like I just want to redo it from scratch. I loved the whole challange of it, and making the signs and all that.

Apparently I hadn't checked expansion/stuff packs required good enough. I was getting doubtful about it so I checked and it turned out it doesn't need the University and Ikea stuff packs. Sorry about that.

If you need help with anything, or come across any problem, let me know in the comments or by PM.

Lot Size: 6x5
Lot Price: 386 934

Custom Content by Me:
- Subway, by the tracks.~meriel 
- Subway, by the tracks. ~meriel 
- Subway walkway.~meriel 
- Subway, by the tracks.~meriel 
- Subway tracks walkway.~meriel 
- Subway stairwell ceiling.~meriel 
- Floor that is seen in bigger parts of the mall in Silent Hill 3.~meriel 
- Subway, by the tracks.~meriel 
- Subway walkway ceiling.~meriel 
- Subway sign1
- Subway sign10
- Subway sign11
- Subway sign12
[/INDENT]- Subway sign13
- Subway sign14
- Subway sign15
- Subway sign16
- Subway sign17
- Subway sign18
- Subway sign19
- Subway sign2
- Subway sign20
- Subway sign21
- Subway sign22
- Subway sign3
- Subway sign4
- Subway sign5
- Subway sign6
- Subway sign7
- Subway sign8
- Subway sign9
- Subway tracks.~meriel 
- Walls to the mall entrance in Silent hill 3.~meriel 
- Subway tracks , with Hazel Street station sign.~meriel 
- Subway stairwells.~meriel 
- Subway walkway with direction sign.~meriel 
- Subway walkway.~meriel 
- Subway walkway with direction sign.~meriel 
- Subway walkway.~meriel 
- Subway walkway with direction sign.~meriel 
- Walls to the mall entrance in Silent hill 3.~meriel 
- Subway walkway with Hazel Street station sign.~meriel 
- Subway walkway.~meriel 

Custom Content Included:
- Urban Bench by -Maylin- at MTS2
- Concrete stonefloor poured by Funny2401 at Pimp my Sims
- Wall-Putty Stucco Stone Border by Rosehill9991 at MTS2
- Window large (1/3, center) by Tolli
- Window large (full height) by Tolli
- Chicago Bath by SolanderCGN - Sink by SolanderCGN at Pimp my Sims
- Entrance door by Tolli
- Light grey concrete stonefloor poured by Funny2401 at Pimp my Sims
- Zecutime Cityside Sofa by Ailias
- Zecutime Cityside Sofa recolour by Ailias
- Pay Phone Booth Deco Only by rebecah
- A chic and metropolitan subway tile.   by phoenix_phaerie
- A chic and metropolitan subway tile.   by phoenix_phaerie
- Coca Cola Vending Machine by PhantasyGurl
- Almost Indestructible Stairs in Concrete by crocobaura at MTS2
- Window (full height) by Tolli
- Toilet floor by EriduSerpent at MTS2
- Clock recolour by momma"b" at MTS2
- Large 1 tile wall clock. by momma"b" at MTS2
- SimoBank ATM by netmicro
- Box Wall Sconce by padre333 at MTS2
- Pepsi Vending Machine by PhantasyGurl
- Ceiling spotlight by TheJim07 at MTS2
- Ceiling spotlight-gold by TheJim07 at MTS2
- Ceiling spotlight-white by TheJim07 at MTS2
- Ceiling spotlight TwoBuilt by TheJim07 at MTS2
- Ceiling spotlight TwoBuilt-gold by TheJim07 at MTS2
- Ceiling spotlight TwoBuilt-white by TheJim07 at MTS2
- Metro Window by Made by Tiggy027 @ mts2
- Metro Window by Made by Tiggy027 @ mts2

Additional Credits:
Mod The Sims GameHelp, SimPE, Fjernsyn43's "Sims 2 Basement Really Easy" on YouTube, agentjr's "Let's Play - Silent Hill 3" on YouTube, HomeCrafter, http://www.silenthillmemories.net/sh3/maps_en.htm for Silent Hill maps