Vintage Neighbourhood Traffic (replacements + deco)

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Uploaded: 24th Apr 2010 at 8:26 PM
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I'm working on a hood that is settled somewhere in the mid 20th century. So far I've always used Hexameters invisible neighbourhood traffic but as my hood evolves into something bigger some traffic doesn't look too wrong. The modern cars, however, do. But I liked the vintage police car so I used that mesh to replace the others. I also found a vintage pickup in the game files as well as a school bus that I made into vintage trucks. These are the cars that will be driving around in your hood:

As you can see I made them into deco objects, too. And then I made 19 more variations:

If you know how to use SimPE you can exchange the colors of the driving cars.
I know how to make defaults but couldn't find all the files, so with Hexameters kind permission I used his files as a base. Thank you!

One more thing: Keep in mind that these are very simple meshes and the textures aren't "Criquette standard", either. I'm sorry for that, the original texture was only 128x128 and resizing + sharpening filters didn't make it that much better, and I have too few time to make all new textures for this. So you should rather not place them directly next to lots you play, but they look fine from further away.

Polygon Counts:
cars: 54
pickup: 67
trucks: 40

The terrain seen in the pics is a combination of Stev84s cobblestreet and CurlyReds walkway and can be downloaded here (GoS).
Deco buildings can be found here and here (LJ). The tram is by me available here. The street sign is a smaller version of the maxis one that CuriousB scaled down for me here (GoS).

Additional Credits: SimPE people as always
jfade for the Compressorizer