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Extracted Basegame Neighbourhood Boulder

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2023 at 8:09 PM
This is a large boulder, for placement in your neighbourhood, which was available in the basegame but not available in later gameversions.

I missed this object when I was making my neighbourhood, New Farprork, as I used a boulder available in the basegame environment and found that when I played it in my full game, the boulder had been replaced by three pointy stones.

So I extracted the rock for use in the updated game, and now I can make my neighbourhood look as it was designed.

You can find it in Neighbourhood deco> rocks, and it shows up with an asterisk. It is a standalone object.

To use, unzip to your Downloads folder. To remove, delete the file from your Downloads folder.
You can use this with any game configuration, but you will already have this item if you are playing basegame only. In later gameversions, the rock circle in Strangetown is coloured light grey and has the three pointy stones next to the Will Head rock, instead of this one.