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Food Mods: [Always Wash Dishes] & [Normal Fridge Ingredient Prices]

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Uploaded: 25th May 2010 at 8:51 PM


Ever get tired of your sims not cleaning up their dirty dishes after themselves? How about the annoying 50% markup on ingredients when you buy them from the fridge...?

Well, now I have solved both your problems with these simple XML Mods [Always Wash Dishes] & [Normal Fridge Ingredient Prices]!

The "Always Wash Dishes" Mod forces your sims to clean up their dirty dishes after themselves...whether they like it or not! To make eating a bit more realistic, as far as how long it takes to eat a meal in sim minutes, I have decreased the amount of bites it takes to finish a meal to 12 bites from the original 15.
-Note: This Mod edits the "Food_0xa1104c038b529738" XML File.

The "Normal Fridge Ingredient Prices" Mod reduces the 50% price markup on ingredients bought directly from your fridge. It has been lowered to a 0% markup, so you no longer have to worry about overpaying for your ingredients if you forget to go to the grocery store (or if you never go to the grocery store like me...). The quality of the ingredients has also been raised to "Nice" quality ingredients from the original "Normal".
-Note: This Mod edits the "Recipe_0x737e9255523ffd2e" XML File.

Do Not download all 3 files. Either choose the combo or one of the separate ones if you dont wish to download both.


If you enjoy either of these mods, slap that "Thank" button at the bottom left of your screen

Additional Credits:
Peter L. Jones for S3PE
MTS for XML Tuning Tutorial