Raptor Biology Major

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This is my Raptor Biology major. I didn't actually study this myself, as I didn't become interested in birds of prey until I was in the second year of my degree, but I kind of wish I had! It's a fascinating subject, and I'm sure your sims will agree! :-)

This major is designed to lead on to my Falconry career track, though of course it can be used separately. If you would like to check out my Falconry career, click here.

Use FrikaC's Majors Made Easier mod to assign this major to your student sims! (See linked thread for details/instuctions etc).

This major is cloned from the Drama major, but has a unique GUID, which is 0x00524331 - so no overwriting!
It also has its own icon, which has a transparent background in game. This is the same icon that I used for my Falconry career.

The focused skills are Charisma, Logic, Body & Creativity. Classes in all semesters start at 9am and last three hours (ie until noon).


Raptor Biology: A diverse subject, including raptor physiology, raptor behaviour, raptor health and disease, raptor conservation, raptor management and so much more!

1. Raptor Anatomy: Dem bones, dem bones gon-na walk aroun'!
2. Raptor Physiology: Bring on the pellets!

3. Raptor Health & Disease 1: Wild raptors - how DO they survive?
4. Raptor Health & Disease 2: Captive raptors - how to MAKE them survive.

5. Raptor Behaviour: Hunting - the facts of life (and death, if you're a rabbit or a vole!)
6. Raptor Behaviour: Mating & other social behaviour - with extra Harris' Hawks.

7. Raptor Management: Raising, feeding, training and breeding captive birds of prey.
8. Raptor Conservation: Save the birds! How to manage populations and educate the public.

This screenshot shows the details relating to the first semester of the Sophomore year (the 3rd semester overall). Normally the sim would've gained 1 Body and 1 Logic skill point in the first year, so they'd only need to gain one of each in this semester, but this sim started out studying a different major and hasn't gained those skill points.

I hope you and your sims enjoy this major! :-)

Additional Credits:
Once again, lots and lots of thank yous to whiterider, for the awesome tutorial "Major Creation: The Definite Tutorial". It taught me everything I needed to know about creating majors! :-)

Also thanks to the makers of SimPE; where would we be without them?!

And thanks to FrikaC, whose "Majors Made Easier" mod sure did make majors easier! :-)

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