CAS Clutter Begone: Hiders for Duplicate Hat Hairs (Plus Extras) (UPDATED 29/05 - Gen & Pets Hiders Added)

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2010 at 9:11 PM
Updated: 27th Mar 2013 at 7:17 PM by whiterider
Update 29/05/2012: Hiders added for Pets and Gen, though I'm not totally sure what the points is, since Pets only added four hat hairs . No hiders for Showtime, as I don't have that EP.

EA have, over the course of two EPs, provided our sims with quite an impressive range of hats and fancy hairdos. Great! EA have also given each hat hair three designs, so that we have to scroll past rows of identical pigtails, with *gasp* different colour scrunchies, to get anywhere. Not great!

This mod will remove duplicate designs, leaving you with just one design per hair - for adult females, this reduces the hat hair section from 17 pages (141 items) to just 9 pages (63 items). For toddlers and boys, the result is one page of hat hairs.

How does it work?
  • Install as you would any other mod - this goes straight into Mods/Packages.
  • For each hat hair, two designs will be removed, leaving just one showing CAS.
  • Custom hair will not be affected.
  • Sims currently using any of the hidden styles will not be affected.
  • The files are separate - if you want to hide hat hairs for basegame and Ambitions, for example, you need the basegame file and the Ambitions file! Do not install a hiders file for an EP you don't have installed! Doing so will result in brokenness!
  • To uninstall, just delete the package file(s) - everything will return to normal.
  • These may conflict with some default replacement hat hairs (i.e. texture replacements)! Unfortunately, there's no way around this, other than to either make the default replacements slightly differently or to not use the hider for that hair. If there is a conflict, nothing terrible will happen - the hair replacement just won't show up.

You'll notice that in addition to the regular hider files, there's a file attached to this upload called "Extra Hiders". This is a small collection of individual hiders for silly things that aren't hat hairs. It contains:

ChildFormalWellyHider - This removes the wellington boots for kids from the formal section. Seriously, EA? It is basegame compatible.

AdultFormalWellyHider - This does the same as above, for adults. It requires World Adventures.

ChildFormalHikingBootsHider - This removes the hiking boots for kids from the formal section. It requires World Adventures.

AmbitionsShaggieBobHiderForMen - This hides the Shaggie[sic] Bob hairstyle that was added in Ambitions - if you're not sure which one that is, see this picture. The hair will only be hidden for adult males, since it is sort of appropriate for ladies, and hiding the child male version would mean hiding the child female version too. The hair will not show up in CAS, but can still be selected randomly, and will still work on sims who are already using it. This requires Ambitions.

Feel free to pick apart this mod to figure out how to make your own hiders. Hell, feel free to PM me and ask. Please don't upload this anywhere, and don't claim it as your own work - I know dangerous people all over the world, and somehow they all owe me a favour.

Additional Credits:
Delphy and jonha, for CTU; Inge and peter Jones, for s3pe; and fanseelamb, for causing me to spend so much time looking at hairs that I just couldn't stand the bloat any more, damnit!