CASt-A-Bike: EA Bikes with 4 Channels & Trim Removed

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Uploaded 21st Feb 2012 at 9:07 PM · Updated 28th Aug 2012 at 9:14 AM by whiterider

EA do have a thing for neat and tidy, huh? Well, my bike was dirty when I bought it, and it's still dirty today: I don't see why my sims should be such goodie-two-shoes that they keep their bikes perfectly clean. And anyway, it's difficult to CASt a rusty old junker when you can't get rid of that shiny white paint all over the place.

This is a default replacement, which removes the unCAStable white trim from the EA adult and child bikes, and adds a fourth channel - which, by default, is white paint, just in case you do like that sort of thing. The presets are all the same as the original, with just an extra channel added.

The resulting bikes have the following:
Channel 1 - White - Frame
Channel 2 - Brown - Seat
Channel 3 - Red - Inner wheels
Channel 4 - Yellow - Frame trim

Bear in mind that the white stripe on the tyre is still unCAStable, since it wouldn't necessarily make sense to have the same design there as on the frame, especially if you do something like...


If you want to CASt a bike which you've already bought and placed in game, you will have to switch to one of the EA presets to "unlock" the fourth channel.

The OBJDs of both bikes (BicycleAdultStreet and BicycleChildStreet) are overridden, as well as a handful of other resources required to enable the fourth channel, and the mask and overlay textures which are shared by both bikes. It is fair to say that this will conflict with any other replacements of these bikes.

Any patch level, any combination of EPs and SPs, is fine. The _RIG is not included, so there is no possibility of incompatibility with pre-1.26 games.

Please don't include in lots - it's bad manners to include default replacements.

Additional Credits:
Inge and Peter, for writing Texture Tweaker 3 - the only program capable of adding a 4th channel to 3-channel objects!