The Spooky Mansion

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Hi folks,
I present you a new piece of my Mansion series..

The Spooky Mansion

After building the Fantasy Mansion I had to build something dark and gloomy
..yes, I was inspired by some famous tv series when I built the house..

Expansion Pack 1 (World adventures) required
Expansion Pack 2 (Ambitions) required
Saved with game version
Furnished: 324,203
Unfurnished: 179.807


Washroom 2
Big living room
Dining room
Relax area
Training room
Bedroom Single 2
Bedroom Double 2
Bath 5
Inventor room
Empty rooms 2
Balcony 2
Some smaller rooms
Plants room
Torture chamber
Family Tomb (don't be too greedy there, or face the revenge of the mummy)

Outdoor chess
Parking lots 3
Kitchen garden
Graveyard with ghosts
Tree house
Apple, Cherry,.. trees

Have fun

When you place the lot in your world, have a close look at the ground painting,.. if you feel it doesn't look right, then please turn the lot around before placing! That's a general problem when placing lots with ground paint, it has nothing to do with my lot.

The background is changed

Thanks to ninotchka for starting the Latest freebie post here

Thanks to Winterhart for uploading the effects list here

A lot of stuff, yes.., but only decoration. So you don't need it, of course it looks better with

Store Content:

Mystic Mushrooms: 25 SimPoints

Advantageous Washstand: 25 SimPoints

Treasures of the Realm Chest: 25 SimPoints (also part of the Full Interior Castle Set)

The Great Lord So-and-So's Shield and Sword: 25 SimPoints (also part of the Full Interior Castle Set)

Knighting of Sir Asad: 25 SimPoints (also part of the Full Interior Castle Set)

Treasure Box: 25 SimPoints

Little Tiki Idol: 25 SimPoints

Pedro Estate Chandelier: 25 SimPoints

Pedro Estate Candelabra: 25 SimPoints

Gothique Candle Stool: 25 SimPoints

Home Hokey Table: 75 SimPoints

Galileo’s Observer: 75 SimPoints

Gothique Skull Chest: 25 SimPoints

Gothique Armor: 25 SimPoints

Gothique Glass Spider: 25 SimPoints

Reynard The Raven: 25 SimPoints

The Ultimate Career Bundle: free (requires Registration of Ambitions on the EA site)

Fanta(R) Fridge: free

Harvest Bounty: free

Generation Clock: free

Earth Day: free

Eco set: free

Halloween Treats: free

Paris Wall Clock: free

Other Custom Content
seen on the pictures but NOT included:

Medieval Dungeon Museum by D&M Creations-Demonic: free

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 324203