18 Rock,Hardcore,Metalcore Shirts for Adults & Teens (BMTH,Hatebreed, ATL, A7X etc)

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Uploaded: 17th Jul 2010 at 9:38 PM
Updated: 1st Feb 2015 at 2:33 PM by Nysha
Besides Tattoos, I love music, all kinds of it, but these are some of my favorite bands AND they have nice designs to convert to the SIMS world.
I've seen almost all of these live.
So it's fun to see my Sims rocking the same shirts I have in my closet!

Ages: Teen, Young Adult, Adult
Gender: Male
Clothing Category: Everyday, Athletic

They Are divided over 3 packs

If you read below that a shirt has 2 recolorable channels, it means they have 2 recolorable channels in the design + 1 recolorable base= 3 Recolorable channels.

PACK 1: 6 Bring Me The Horizon Shirts

1. A White V-Neck, Both Channels are Recolorable
2. A Black V-Neck, Both Channels are Recolorable
3. Purple Shirt, The Pink Text is a recolorable channel, the zombiehands are a stencil
4. Black Shirt, The Bright Yellow Text is a recolorable channel, The Rest is stencil
5. White Shirt, Both Channels are Recolorable
6. Black Shirt, Both Channels are Recolorable


7. A White Escape The Fate shirt, Stencil
8. Purple All American Rejects Shirt, Recolorable
9. Black All Time Low Shirt, the Yellow&Blue is recolorable, outlines, clouds & lettering are a stencil
10. White 30 Seconds To Mars shirt, 2 recolorable channels
11. Black Asking Alexandria Shirt, Stencil
12. Black Avenged Sevenfold Shirt, Recolorable


13. Black Hatebreed Shirt, Stencil
14. White Trivium Shirt, Stencil
15. Black Misfits Shirt, 2 recolorable channels
16. White Forever The Sickest Kids Shirt, Stencil
17. Black Silverstein Shirt, Recolorable
18. White Funeral For A Friend Shirt, Stencil

I know some Shirts seem a bit bright, but that's how they are in real life as well, luckily the bright shirts are always recolorable, so you can adjust them to yer own preference...

A shoutout to NEWONE08 for making and allowing me to use the wonderfull V-neck in the first two BMTH shirts!

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