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Harley Davidson shirts for male teens and adults!

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Uploaded: 26th Nov 2010 at 1:39 PM
Updated: 1st Feb 2015 at 3:30 PM by Nysha
I guess this is gonna be still part of the "Astraea Nevermore's wardrobe in sim version" kind of uploads
I love Harley Davidson shirts and I figured that some were needed for sim guys, too, so here we go :D

The shirts are the same coming out from the base game, so they will have the same recolourable channels (3 of them) as the originals. The design is *not* recolourable: you will get two shirts with the two different logos, the coloured one and the black and white one. They'll appear on the same line to save space in your clothes list =)
The shirts will come with black as a default colour, and will appear in Everyday and Athletic categories.
There are three folders in the download section, one with teen shirts, one with adult shirts and one that contains both, just choose the one you prefer =)

Adult shirts

Teen shirts, with a recolour example

Female version coming as soon as I fix some texture issues with the logo

Additional Credits:
-Nikki Sixx sim by me
-Lenny (teen model) still by me, available here as a young adult.
-Jeans on Lenny by Random Noir
-Tattoo by Robokitty
-Hair on Lenny by manwong0927 (scroll down the page, you'll see the download link. Once the Rayfile page opens up, take a look at the upper right: there'll be an option to change the language to English. Once you've changed the language, the "download" button will be translated, too: click on that one and you'll get the file. For an easier download, go here)
-Spiked bracelets by Aikea Guinea