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Neon Begone - Forbidden Fruit Islands De-neonized

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2010 at 6:08 PM
Updated: 4th Dec 2011 at 3:51 AM - Sims 3

Cabinets pictured above by CTNutmegger .

  • Edited mesh from the "Neonix" island.
  • Does not replace original
  • Requires Nightlife
  • No glowy bits like the original
  • Uses original textures

Sims 3
This shall be my last Sims 2 download as I am moving to greener pastures. I'm going to start creating for the Sims 3. There will be new adventures for me. I may come back to the Sims 2, but I'm interested in seeing how the game works, the ins and outs and all that good stuff. I'll probably find my niche along the way. So expect this to be the last Sims 2 creation for a while at least.

Screw that. lol Since I have enough HD space now for both games I shall create for both games.

I always liked the "Forbidden Fruit" counter tops that came with NL, and I thought at first they never had an island, that was until I had seen the "Neonix" (or something like that) counter. I was displeased that the counter had neon lights on it, so I had not used it until I had learned how to create. This is where I was determined to get rid of the neon. Through trial and error I have finally gotten rid of the neon completely from the island. It took getting rid of the LGHTs, the "glow" subset, modifying some STRs and giving the "lightresource" in the CRES a "fantasy name" as described in this post by Numenor. It worked like a charm. The islands are slaved to the counters as the original islands had different subsets, but the mapping was the same anyhow. The clean and dirty states are also slaved with their original texture names.

Polygon Counts:
Corner Mesh - 366
Straight Mesh - 521

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the post about the "fantasy" file name, otherwise the counters would probably be lit.
dDefinder for the Radiance and Lighting System 2.4.